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Hello all! Welcome to SLOVENIA!!! It is NOT Slovakia, Estonia or Transylvania… It is sLOVEnia! A beautiful country with 2 million (more or less) happy people, nestled between the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea and the eastern tip of the stunning Alps. Do not look for us somewhere in the middle of Russia… We are in central Europe! Bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia!

This web page is dedicated to all outdoor fans! To everyone who would like to spend amazing holidays, surrounded by colorful meadows, white mountains, jaw-dropping waterfalls, green forests, endless wine hills and crystal clear rivers and lakes. We have plenty of that here in Slovenia! Visit us and see by yourself! Check the Slotrips map of Slovenia and find everything you need for your perfect green holidays. Be active! Be your own guide! Discover Slovenia!!!

We made (and are still doing) a wide collection of different ‘do-it-yourself’ trips all over the country. Lose yourself among the forests, hike on the highest peaks of the gorgeous Julian Alps, cycle between the lonely vineyards, ski the virgin white slopes, explore the dark caves of the Karst and visit all amazing natural or cultural sights that Slovenia has to offer! We assure you that you will not be bored!

Apart from the list of activities, we are preparing a collection of special places to stay and eat! These are the places that offer something more. The places with a special charm, happy owners or an extraordinary view. We truly believe that you will like them! The restaurants that we recommend offer excellent local food, so you can ‘taste’ the real Slovenia! We offer you direct contact with the owners, but we will appreciate greatly if you tell your hosts they were recommended to YOU by SLOTRIPS. Try them and give us your feedback.

Above you see a simple overview of ‘what is where’. Yes! You are right! Slovenia has a shape of a chicken. Here are just the main features to give you a rough idea:
  • The north-west is an alpine paradise. The highest mountains, turquoise rivers and crystal clear lakes. Do not miss Lake Bohinj, picture-perfect Bled or the ‘water-sport Mecca’ – Soča Valley.
  • The south-west region has a Mediterranean 'touch'. It touches the Adriatic sea and the hinterland is full of cute little hills full of vineyards, olive trees and Karst phenomena. Postojna and Škocjan caves, Lipica stud farm and the charming coastal town of Piran are the main highlights.
  • The north-east is very diverse. You have the gorgeous Kamnik-Savinja Alps with a the ‘fairytale’ valley (Logarska Dolina) and the cutest alpine meadow (Velika Planina). Further east you will find extensive wine regions, first-class food, happy people and a number of thermal spas.
  • The south-east has a lot to offer in terms of spa-tourism. The bordering Kolpa River is a very popular bathing spot in summer. Here you will find vast forests, cute vineyards and warm people.
  • Don’t forget about the most enchanting European capital – Ljubljana! Without a major attraction it will charm you with its simplicity and liveliness!

This is it! You are ready to start exploring Slovenia! Go into its green ‘heart’ fill your lungs and be happy! Keep our nature clean, respect the animals and the people! Enjoy!

Warning, request and recommendation:
Most of the described trips take place in a beautiful natural environment. We ask you to keep it that way. Do not leave trash behind. Have a bag with you and collect the trash that other people have left. This way we give a remarkable example to our fellow hikers. Let’s be responsible towards nature! We often cross or park on private land on our trips. Always make sure that you do not bother or obstruct the locals with your vehicle. Respect their privacy and private property. A kind word, greeting and a smile go a long way…

Slotrips.si and its creators are not liable for any damage which may have been caused when using information from this web site.

The best places to stay in Slovenia

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