Kranjska gora and western Julian Alps

Friday's snowfall was followed by a promising sunny Saturday. Mountains were calling me! I was calling friends and everyone seemed to have an excuse why not to come along. I was already making plans where to go by myself and the phone rings! My pal Urbanovc invites me to join his happy party and we went skiing just across Slovenian border - to the western Julian Alps in Italy...

We choose a normal hour to start the day and on the way to Kranjska Gora I had some extra time and stopped by the towering mountains above Gozd Martuljek in Slovenia and made some morning shots. The moon awarded me and sat right on the top of Mt. Špik. :)

spik mountain slovenia julian alps

I meet the guys in Kranjska Gora and we head off towards Sella Nevea in Italy. We decided to go up to Malga Grantagar. Great! Some of my ancestors must have been here or is the similarity with my family name (Gantar) just a coincidence? :) An amazing view opened in front of us once we reached the malga. Towering Italian peaks above us and white Slovenian mountains on the other side of the valley.

slovenian alps from Italy

skrbina prednje spranje skiing skrbina prednje spranje skiing

View towards Mt. Rombon (Slovenia)

julian alps skiing slovenia

True winter below Punta Plagnis (2411 m). YESSSSSSSSS!!!!

julian alps skiing slovenia

Skiing conditions were FANTASTIC! Sometimes soft, sometimes hard, but always drew a big smile on our faces!

julian alps skiing slovenia

The light on my way home was very promising and I decided to stop at Lake Jasna near Kranjska Gora to capture the afternoon winter fairy tale below the mountains of Razor and Prisank. We truly live in a paradise! :)

julian alps slovenia kranjska gora

And I finish my day the way as I started it - with a photo of Mt. Špik! A short sidetrip to a great viewpoint to capture the whole Martuljek group in the evening light. It was an unforgettable day!

julian alps winter spik mountain

And a question for you: What do you like more?
Entries like the current one or the 'boring' descriptions of 'do-it-yourself' tours that you find here? Looking forward to hear your opinion.

Author: Miha Gantar, January 26th, 2014

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