Good morning Slovenia!

Mornings are always amazing but the laziness just keeps us stuck between the pillows. But this Sunday was simply to beautiful to let it go away. Mitja and I decided to catch the sunrise on Vošca. An easy hill on Slovenian-Austrian border with stunning views on the Julian Alps. At 4 a.m. we were already headed towards Kranjska Gora.

Ufff... it was snowing quite a lot in the last days. Right after leaving the parking lot we were already in knee-deep snow. On skis!!! We surely won't make it to the top until sunrise. We didn't worry too much about it. We found a nice spot with a spectacular view and started shooting the rapidly changing colours of the sky. The morning 'blue-light show' began!

kranjska gora slovenia julian alps

We played around with head lights and made some nice pictures of the majestic Martuljek group.

slovenian alps winter

slovenia kranjska gora

Mitja went a bit crazy and went for a morning swim in the fresh snow :)

skiing slovenia kranjska gora  skiing slovenia kranjska gora

Time flew by and the sun came out much faster than we thought. Enough photos, time to start sweating and go up hill.

julian alps skiing slovenia

Amazing view on the western part of Slovenian Alps.

julian alps skiing slovenia

Mitja apparently misses summer a lot and went for another swim in the 'pool with the best view'.

julian alps skiing slovenia

winter slovenia  winter slovenia

'No wonder you love going up there so much,' says my mum when she sees this pic.

julian alps slovenia kranjska gora

julian alps winter vosca

Sun transformed the snow very fast and it got quite heavy. Searching for some shadow and avoiding the trees we went on a 'skiing rodeo' back to the car. It was a wonderful & warm winter day. We deserved ourselves a cold beer at the regular pit-stop in Mojstrana :))) We want more!!!

slovenia vosca winter

skiing vosca slovenia

Author: Miha Gantar, February 24th, 2014

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