Here is a little something for all of you who haven't decided yet where to spend your next holidays.

Our little country is a true gem nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the greenest countries in Europe and a perfect destination for all nature lovers. Mountains and sea, rivers and lakes, more than 10000 caves, green forests, 4 beautiful seasons, secret waterfalls and lots of LOVE. We have it all!

We love it here and we are sure you will too. Visit Slovenia! Now!

1. Early risers are rewarded with jaw dropping sunriseslake bled slovenia

Lake Bled by Jošt Gantar, www.jostgantar.com

2. It's hard to decide what is kitschier: the clouds, the cottage or the purple crocus carpetvelika planina spring slovenia

Velika planina by Ana Pogačar, www.anapogacar.smugmug.com

3. She is a hiker's paradiseslovenia mountaineering

View from Mt. Špik in the heart of the Julian Alps by Anže Čokl, www.anzecokl.com

4. She is an adventurer's playgroundbackcountry skiing slovenia

Backcountry skiing in Slovenian Alps by Anže Čokl, www.anzecokl.com

5. Your kids will want to stay foreverslovenia paradise for kids

Črnava Lake near Kranj by Aleš Zdešar, www.aleszdesar.si

6. Even your dogs will love herslovenia dogs

Happy friends by Maja Rokavec, www.majarokavec.com

7. The snowcapped mountains will blow your mindalps slovenia from air

Slovenian Alps from the air by Luka Esenko, www.lukaesenko.com

8. She is stunningly beautiful even when she's foggyjamnik church slovenia

Jamnik church near Kranj by Janez Tolar, www.facebook.com/JanezTolarPhotoPage

9. Or frozenpericnik waterfall slovenia

Peričnik waterfall in winter by Ana Pogačar, www.anapogacar.smugmug.com

10. Yes! This is also her!slovenian coast

Hidden corner of Slovenian coast by Jaka Ivančič, www.jakaivancic.si

11. She is amazing also from the insidecaves in slovenia

Konasnica cave by Peter Gedei, www.petergedei.com

12. Mornings are purpleljubljana slovenia

Sunrise above Ljubljana Marshes by Janez Tolar, www.facebook.com/JanezTolarPhotoPage

13. Autumns are goldenslovenian alps fall

Fall colors in Julian Alps by Ana Pogačar, www.anapogacar.smugmug.com

14. You can explore her mysterious riverssoca river slovenia

Soca river by Luka Esenko, www.lukaesenko.com

15. But it will take a lifetime to discover all her secretswaterfall soca valley slovenia

Secret waterfall in the Soca valley by Miha Gantar, www.slovenia-trips.com

16. You can lose yourself in her flower fieldsdaffodils slovenia

Daffodil carpet above Jesenice by Miro Podgoršek, www.mphoto.si

17. And you'll find your balanceslovenian lake bohinj

Lake Bohinj by Andy Aungthwin, www.thelightinbohinj.com

18. And your peaceslovenian alps sunrise

Sunrise in Slovenian Alps by Matevž Lavrič, www.matevzlavric.blogspot.com

19. She has LOVE in her vineyardsvineyards maribor slovenia

Vineyards near Zgornja Kungota (Maribor) by Miha Gantar, www.slovenia-trips.com

20. On her rocksfossils love slovenia

Hiking marker (left) by Miha Gantar and fossil remains (right) by Aleš Zdešar, www.aleszdesar.si

21. And even in her name!love slovenia

p.s. Many thanks to all above mentioned Slovenian photographers who are doing amazing job capturing the unforgettable moments and promoting Slovenia.

Author: Miha Gantar, April 24th, 2014
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