Summer fairy tale on Pohorje

Too often we do our trips in north-western Slovenia and unfairly neglect other beautiful corners of our green country. Last weekend we went to Pohorje hills above Maribor and were completely amazed! We escaped the city heat and found perfect peace, blooming meadows, extensive forests, the happiest people and the most amazing wooden chalets.

Before I continue I would like to 'warn' you: during winter we got another family member and our style of traveling has changed a bit. In the future you can expect some more 'family entries' like this one. :)

slovenia pohorje zelena vas rusevec  slovenia pohorje zelena vas rusevec

Our base was the amazing Green village Ruševec. It is a village of 5 splendid wooden chalets which will blow your mind! They are located in a tranquil spot in the forest about 2 km from the upper station of Maribor cable car. You'll find flawlessly neat surroundings, children's playground, a common place to grill and hang out, herbal garden, traditional Slovenian beehive, a house wellness for the private romantic moment in the colder part of the year and much more! Simply stunning!

slovenia pohorje green village rusevec

slovenia pohorje zelena vas rusevec  slovenia pohorje zelena vas rusevec

The day will pass by too fast when you cuddle on the sofa, stare at the big wooden trunks, smell the wood and admire the high ceiling. Take your time and enjoy this fairy tale.

slovenia pohorje green village rusevec

pohorje slovenia bungalows rusevec

Evening colours in Green village Rusevec. A perfect spot for couples, families and all sport enthusiasts.

slovenia pohorje wooden chalets rusevec

The friendliest dog Ron and extremely nice and happy owners! 

slovenija pohorje mariborska koca

pohorje slovenia green village rusevec

Pohorje is a big hill or a chain of hills with extensive forests just above Slovenia's second biggest city, Maribor. It is ca. 1000 meters above sea level and the temperature is about 5 degrees lower than in the lowlands. It is a perfect summer getaway and a great place for short family walks or more serious hiking and especially mountain biking. The combination of forests, meadows and sunny vineyards is really unique. You can bike all around Pohorje, end your days with some wine tasting in Maribor and then simply catch the cable car to take you back to the Green village Rusevec. You will love this diversity!

slovenia pohorje mariborska koca  slovenia pohorje forest bungalows

slovenia pohorje wooden bungalows

Skalca waterfall is a short walk from the Green village Rusevec.

slovenia pohorje waterfall skalca

The adrenaline freaks will love the nearby Bike Park Pohorje or enjoy different activities in the Adrenalin park. We decided to go to Maribor and check the happening at the excellent Lent music festival.

slovenia pohorje mtb park  slovenia maribor festival lent

The easy going atmosphere in Maribor's city park will surely suck you in! :)

slovenia maribor festival lent

To end this amazing 'short holidays' we visited another specialty from Pohorje hills: Eco tourist farm Pri Baronu. This idyllic farm offers organic home produced and processed food which is served in the shade of a nicely decorated garden. Simple & very tasty!

slovenia pohorje food pri baronu  slovenia pohorje food pri baronu

slovenia pohorje food pri baronu

slovenia pohorje

What are you waiting for? Off to Pohorje! :)

Author: Miha Gantar, June 23rd 2014

bungalovi rusevec pohorje slovenija

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