Cultural sights in Slovenia


Location Kobarid, North Primorska
Type: museum, caverns, waterfall,...
Entrance fee: no
Altitude: 240 m

Kobarid Historical Trail

Together with its beautiful surroundings, Kobarid is mostly a magnet for all fans of various activities in the nature. Moreover, it is one of the most prominent historical towns in Slovenia. Of course, it is widely known as the place of the last battle of the Soča Front when the Austro-Hungarian and German soldiers forced the Italians far back in a swift overnight of...

Location Koper, Coast and Karst
Type: old city center
Entrance fee: no
Altitude: 5 m


Koper is one of the oldest and most (unjustifiably) overlooked Slovene towns. The majority of people speeding past Koper on their way to Piran and Portorož only see the unattractive cranes of the Koper port from the road. But they do not know that a wonderful and lively old town center hides there. The long-standing rule of the Venetian Republic has left a fantastic ...

Location Lokev, Coast and Karst
Type: museum, prosciutto factory
Entrance fee: yes
Altitude: 450 m

Lokev na Krasu – Military Museum and Prosciutto

An interesting Karst village Lokev is located in the direct vicinity of Lipica stud farm and has quite some sights worth a visit. The fantastic military museum Tabor is definitely the most intriguing one for the individual visitor. Srečko Rože, the owner of the museum and a huge fan of history, will explain everything there is to know about the Slovene military past...

Location Lipica (Sežana), Coast and Karst
Type: stud farm
Entrance fee: yes
Altitude: 400 m

Lipica Stud Farm

In the incredible natural surroundings, amidst fairytale meadows in the shade of oak and chestnut trees, beautiful and charming white horses await you. The most amazing sight is when they gracefully race across meadows in a group. Of course, a visit to the stud farm, the wonderful Lipikum museum and a show of classical riding school are a must. Lipica Stud Farm is the...

Location Škofja Loka, Gorenjska
Type: old city center
Entrance fee: no
Altitude: 350 m

Škofja Loka

Sometimes the locals affectionately call Škofja Loka 'the medieval beauty'. Its medieval town center is the best preserved in the whole Slovenia. The red roofs of the dense town, the bell tower of St. Jacob church and the majestic Škofja Loka Castle draw our attention already from afar. You can walk through the narrow alleys, treat yourself to an ice-cream at the li...

Location Rogatec, Savinjska
Type: museum
Entrance fee: yes
Altitude: 230 m

Open-air museum Rogatec

The open-air museum Rogatec shows architectural heritage and the lives of simple farmers around this area between the 19th and the middle of the 20th century in a remarkably intriguing way. The buildings and hay-racks are truly authentic and they actually form a small 'ethnic' village. Various workshops are organized in the museum - you can take part in baking bread i...

Location Idrija, North Primorska
Type: museum, mine, lake
Entrance fee: yes
Altitude: 326 m

Idrija – the Heritage of Mercury

At the word »Idrija« most of Slovenians first think of žlikrofi (typical local dish), laces and mercury. The latter had a crucial impact on the creation and development of Idrija where it all revolved around mining and production of this heavy metal for a number of years. Nowadays the mine is shut, none the less you can visit parts of shafts and try to identify wit...

Location Vojsko (Idrija), North Primorska
Type: partisan printing shop
Entrance fee: yes
Altitude: 800 m

Slovenia Partisan Printing Shop

In the woods on the edge of Vojsko plateau the largest and technically best equipped partisan printing shop in Slovenia is hidden. In the middle of a steep forest next to a delightful stream all types of national liberation propaganda material that played an important connecting role between Slovenians was printed in the years 1944 and 1945. The printing shop is fully...

Location Cerkno, North Primorska
Type: partisan hospital
Entrance fee: yes
Altitude: 620 m

Franja Partisan Hospital

Franja Partisan Hospital was functioning during the 2nd World War in the hidden gorge of Pasica in Dolenji Novaki near Cerkno. A difficultly accessible gorge that leads to the hospital provided safe shelter from the invaders. Franja was operating all together 18 months and treated 578 injured people. A severe flooding that completely destroyed all sheds and a major pa...

Location Hrastovlje, Coast and Karst
Type: church, frescoes
Entrance fee: yes
Altitude: 180 m

Church of the Holy Trinity in Hrastovlje

The small stone church of the Holy Trinity lies beneath the walls of Karst edge of Slovene Istria in a small village Hrastovlje. Its interesting exterior will already draw your attention and the interior hides the most extensive and best preserved medieval frescoes including the famous 'Dance of the Dead'. ...

Location Piran, Coast and Karst
Type: old city center
Entrance fee: no
Altitude: 5 m


Ah Piran, Piran… our Adriatic treasure! A gorgeous medieval seaside town on a pointy peninsula fascinates us again and again and reminds us of the diversity of our country. Inhale the sea air, climb to the top of the city walls at sunset, dive by Piran cape, have a romantic dinner or play football with children on Tartini square. Lose yourself in its narrow alleys a...

Location Maribor, Podravje
Type: old city center
Entrance fee: no
Altitude: 270 m


The second largest Slovenian city, the center of north-eastern Slovenia, home of the oldest vine in the world, Golden Fox skiing cup, art festival Lent, great wine and merry people. The lovely old city center next to river Drava offers visitors quite a few worth-seeing cultural sights, pretty spots and sunny terraces where you will taste local culinary specialties. Fu...

Location Ptuj, Podravje
Type: old city center
Entrance fee: no
Altitude: 220 m


Ptuj is one of Slovenia's oldest cities, a city of 'Kurents' (typical carnival masks) and boxing champion Dejan Zavec. A city that stands on ancient wine cellars, where the oldest Slovenian wine is kept, a city beneath a castle which hosts one of the most visited Slovene museums and a city that has an excellent thermal spa only a stone's throw away from the old city c...

Location Loška dolina, Notranjska
Type: castle
Entrance fee: yes
Altitude: 590 m

Castle Snežnik

One of the most finely preserved castles in Slovenia is situated in the gorgeous natural environment, surrounded by meadows and avenues on the edge of Snežnik forests. Its exterior is nicely renovated and it contains authentic interior furniture in spacious halls that conjures up the atmosphere from 150 years ago. Wedding ceremonies also take place in the romantic am...

Location Ljubljana, Central Slovenija
Type: old city center
Entrance fee: no
Altitude: 300 m


The old Ljubljana center is gaining a better-looking image from year to year; streets are full and locals or tourists enjoy a carefree sip of coffee, morning newspaper or a glass of wine. It shows us a different 'face' in each season but during summer it is the most beautiful and most intense. You won’t find any 'great' sights – it will captivate you with its lika...

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