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Mišja peč

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Location Osp (Koper), Coast and Karst
Nr. of routes: 192
Difficulty: 4a / 9a+
Route height: 7 - 42 m
Access: 5 min
Altitude: 50 m
Route difficulty:
4 & 5, 6 & 7, 8 & 9

In Mišja peč or "little mouse", as it is affectionately known among climbers, the toughest routes in Slovenia are concentrated. The first Slovene route with a grade 9a ("Martin Krpan"), which Jure Golob climbed in 2001, was 'born' here. Tadej Slabe and Srečo Rehberger, who raised the difficulty of climbing to unimaginable heights, interchanged the winning podium in...

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