About us

We are a team of sports and travel enthusiasts who love exploring Slovenia. Whether on bikes, in mountain boots, on skis, with crampons or tied to a rope in a vertical wall. We know Slovenia. A least that's what we thought until we started the Slotrips project. While working on the present website we began to realize how 'big' Slovenia actually is and how many wonderful corners it has to offer. It is truly wonderful!

And we want to encourage you to discover it, too! Turn away from the main road and wander around the endless Pohorje forests or the vineyards of Slovenske Gorice. Go on a cycling tour around Slovenia, walk across the hills, climb the mountains, ski or sled down the white slopes! There are countless possibilities for spending an afternoon in nature, a weekend in the countryside, a holiday by a crystal-clear river or lake, at the foothill of a mountain or on top of it. We try to present some of these options and pick out those accommodation and catering facilities that are really something special.

Now you don't have to spend hours in front of a computer, looking through numerous alternatives in search for a nice apartment, camp or hotel for your next holiday. We have done (and are still doing) a selection of these special offers for you and we are sure you won't be disappointed with the choice. Browse through the categories 'Accommodation' or 'Where to eat' and you will surely find something for yourself. It is even easier to search for something on the Slotrips map, where you can see all the activities, sights and the great offer of accommodation and catering facilities in one place.

All the material found on Slotrips.si is our own work. We have actually walked through all the described paths, roads, ravines, mountains and valleys and have taken many photos on our way. All the information we provide is first-hand, the descriptions are a true reflection of how we felt on these excursions.

All the photos are subject to copyright and their further use is forbidden without a written approval. If you want to buy one of our photos, please write to info@slotrips.si.

We wish you a pleasant browsing experience and we hope that while clicking through our website your feet will get itchy and you'll book your flight ticket to Slovenia right away...

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