Accommodation and catering providers presented in our categories 'Accommodation' and 'Where to eat' were chosen by the team. These are the providers who offer 'something more' to their guests. The really nice ones, spotted on our trips around Slovenia and we would really like to recommend them to you! It is NOT possible to buy a place among them. We want to promote these excellent providers and raise the quality level of Slovenian tourism.

Our providers' database is constantly growing, and we will also appreciate your suggestions for potential candidates. If you know a restaurant or an inn with great atmosphere and good food or a hotel or apartment where you slept well and in which you would gladly return, let us know! We will visit them, check if they have suitable characteristics to become a part of the Slotrips project and we might add them to our database.

At the same time we would like to invite all catering and accommodation providers in Slovenia who believe to be something special, to contact us. Write to and we will visit you!

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