Rock climbing in Slovenia

Slovenia has 100 rock climbing crags with almost 5000 routes of all difficulties. They are spread all over Slovenia and no wonder rock climbing has become an increasingly popular activity among Slovenians.

THE PLACE to go if you are looking for rock climbing holidays is our coastal region, where the Karst plateau descends towards the Adriatic Sea. The highest crags with the greatest number of routes are located there: Osp, Mišja peč and Črni Kal. Another great option is the Vipava valley with excellent limestone walls.

The best time to climb in the coastal region is spring (March - May) or autumn (September - November). Winters are mild and it's also possible to climb during the winter months. It might be a little too hot on warm summer days, therefore the local climbers tend to move to other shady crags.

The largest sport climbing crag in Slovenia is Kotečnik (near Celje), there is a number of great crags in the Soča valley, around Bled & Bohinj and also around the capital city of Ljubljana.

Have a look at the Slotrips list of CLIMBING AREAS IN SLOVENIA

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