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Dolina Vrata, Mojstrana
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The heart of the cottage is the kitchen with a wood stove (there is a gas stove too) and a dining area. There are two bedrooms, each with 2 beds. The holiday house has running water and the whole place is heated by the wood stove. The electricity is produced by solar panels. A gas refrigerator is located in another room.

The cottage is located in the upper part of the Vrata Valley at an altitude of 950 meters. If there is no snow, it is accessible by car and can be rented from May till October.

The Vrata Valley is the longest valley of the Triglav National Park, it stretches out to Mojstrana and the foothills of the majestic Triglav North Face. The main attraction of the valley is definitely the Pericnik Waterfall, worth visiting in summer and winter as well, when the waterfall puts on a 'frozen gown'. You can enjoy all the natural sights of the valley if you set off on the well-marked Triglavska Bistrica Trail, which is also equipped with information boards. The valley is a popular starting point for conquering the demanding peaks of the Julian Alps: Slovenia's highest peak Triglav, second highest Skrlatica, Stenar and Kriz and many many more.

Pets are unfortunately not allowed.