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Bovec (Bavšica)
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popoln mir

We really wouldn't recommend the house to all travelers since it lacks some modern commodities! There's no hot water, no internet, no restaurants and no roads. It's only you, your friends and unspoiled nature. You'll leave the car at the end of the road in Bavšica valley and continue on foot for about 15 minutes.

The house is excellent for groups of good friends since there's only one dormitory for sleeping while the bathroom and toilet are not completely separated from the main room.

The kitchen has all dishes, stoves run on gas and electricity is provided by solar panels. In winter you can warm yourself up near a clay oven on the ground floor or by an iron furnace on the first floor. House has cold running water.

The surroundings are lovely. There are many options for solitary hikes that all mountain romantics will surely enjoy. Wild irises, fragrant thyme flowers and gentle mountain flax grow in the hidden valley behind the house. Here you can hug old mossy Beeches, see mountain goats and search for old abandoned trails. This is really a 'wild' corner of Slovenia!

After returning from your mountain adventures you're welcome to enjoy an ice cold beer from a water trough and relax in a hammock outside the house.

Contact details:
Barbara: +386 41 738 212,
Natasa: +386 51 622 969,