Basic information
Podbela (Kobarid)
Type of accommodation
Opening time
Additional offer
otroška in športna igrišča, bar, restavracija,...

This campsite is located near Podbela village. It has a playground for children (slides, a sandpit, swings, a trampoline...) and sports fields (beach volleyball, basketball, bowling).

The campsite is very lively in summertime. Besides many sports fields, you can also find a bar and a restaurant there, they organize creative and art workshops for children, rent out bikes and offer wireless internet.

Nadiža campsite is located right next to the beautiful river that gave it the name. You can splash around and bathe at the campsite gravel beach or discover the hidden corners and pools in the mysterious upper river flow. You can also visit the nearby Napoleon bridge or go cycling and hiking around the area. Kobariški Stol provides the perfect conditions for paragliders or you can go sport climbing on the nearby crag. Do not forget to have lunch in Robidišče!