Basic information
Ruško Pohorje Gorenjska
1250 - 1320 m
Total vertical climb
70 m
Total km
7 km

How to get there:
Drive from Maribor towards Hoče where we turn towards Pohorje. The road begins to ascend and approximately 11 km higher we reach the place where the road splits towards Areh or Bellevue. There are 4 km left to Areh. We park on a large parking lot beside the ski slopes and hotel Areh. The trails start at the end of the parking lot.

There are 5 well taken care of and nicely marked circular trails of various lengths: from 1.3 km up to 6 km. All trails have sign boards, which show the length, elevation and the spot where we are currently located. Terrain is mostly flat and the occasional ascends are not too difficult. Some view is given on Žigart summit where we come across the ski slopes, but otherwise we run through the forest. You can get a meal or snacks in Ruška hut or in some of the huts on the ski slope. Do not miss an interesting church of St. Areh right next to the Ruška hut.

On the ridge between Areh and Maribosrko Pohorje (the upper station of the cable car coming up from the center of Maribor) leads a strolling-running trail, which is not meant for cross-country skiers only and does not have a neat trail for classic technique. However, this connection is a very interesting diversification and an excellent option for all those who are accommodated on Bolfenk or in Maribor and do not wish to move your car.

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