Basic information
Entrance fee
230 m

How to get there:
Leave ‘Ljubljana – Maribor’ motorway on exit Dramlje, drive towards Šentjur and on to Rogaška Slatina and Rogatec. Turn left in Rogatec, drive through the town center and you will spot the museum after a few 100 meters on the left side of the road.

You will actually travel 100 to 200 years to the past here, get to know living and working traditions of that period and admire the buildings that were built completely out of natural materials and with a special sense for functionality and esthetics.

Some buildings are originals and have been transferred to the museum from the nearby villages, others have been reconstructed based on examples of existing buildings in the area. The museum includes: a dwelling house (a house where poet Jože Šmit was born), a farm house, a pigsty, a splendid hayrack from 1892, a latrine toilette and an interesting typical well. The blacksmith's workshop, an old grocery store »Lodn« (from the German word »Laden«), a vineyard hut and a beehive are of more recent origin. The buildings themselves and their interior is genuine, the green environment is neatly maintained and the view of steep Donačka mountain is incredible. A true country romance.

They provide guided tours in the museum and twice a week individual visitors can participate in fascinating workshops (with no extra costs) and get a first-hand 'taste' of the life and work of our ancestors. For closed groups they organize various educational workshops or demonstrations of handicrafts, bread baking, folk dancing etc. They can also arrange a feast in their vineyard cottage. Find more about it here and in their photo gallery.

The staff do their best to create a rich activity program and they are also planning to extend the museum with new buildings and even more performances of the farmers' lives in this area.

Thumbs up for a unique museum and for conserving the countryside heritage, customs and traditions! A link to the official website of the museum. It is open from April to October.

P.S.1: In Rogatec there is also 'Strmol' mansion (you will notice it on your way to the open-air museum), where you can arrange a feast in a black kitchen or the mansion restaurant; weddings also take place here and a part of the mansion is intended for permanent and temporary art exhibitions.

P.S.2: If you turn in the direction of Žetale village right by the open-air museum (north-east towards Ptuj), you will come to the interesting Vuk's homestead after about 20-minute drive (in Dobrina village). For a visit and a guided tour call + 386 31 371 085.