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staro mestno jedro
Entrance fee
220 m

The center of the tranquil and small old part of Ptuj is the 'Slovenski trg' square where a high town tower first draws our attention. If you look at it carefully, you will notice that the tower clock has dials only on three sides. Namely the side that faces towards the castle doesn't have one because the former castle owner, Leslie, didn't want to contribute money for the clock, so the town’s authorities “punished” him and didn’t put a dial on his side. An interesting Orfej's monument made of Pohorje marble stands right next to the tower. It was created in the 2nd century as a headstone for the town’s mayor and served also as a 'stone of shame' in the Middle Ages.

Around the corner past the town hall you will reach the Minorite monastery where you can enter only after prior arrangement. Minorites were exceptional wine makers/keepers and they are greatly credited for wine culture of this area. Since the 14th century wine has been becoming an increasingly important export product and successful Ptuj wine makers have been picking up numerous awards at various wine fairs worldwide. These days you can take a look at the wine cellar Pullus (prior arrangement is neccessary), that stores the oldest Slovene wine from year 1917: Zlata trta (Golden vintage)!

Before you head onto the castle hill for a pretty view and a tour of the castle which is home of the Regional Museum Ptuj, stop at the Dominican monastery at the foot of the hill which has gorgeous cloisters inside (at the moment it is unfortunately closed due to renovation...).

The otherwise peaceful Ptuj, becomes the center of Kurentovanje for ten days in February – a lively carnival celebration that climaxes with a procession on Shrove Sunday. Carnival masks with 'Kurents' at the front overrun the town and there are various cultural, musical and night activities. Recently a carnival celebration in a nearby village Markovci – Fašenk is becoming increasingly popular too. In Markovci the procession is held on Saturday. Worth a visit!

You will take a look at the main sights of Ptuj rather quickly, however, take the time to try local wines on the terraces of the lovely bars, explore the surrounding countryside and wine roads, relax and have fun in Terme Ptuj.

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