Basic information
Tržič Gorenjska
4.5 h
Start point elevation
1060 m
Highest point
2060 m
Total vertical climb
1000 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
Leave the motorway 'Ljubljana – Jesenice' on exit Tržič. Drive past Tržič and forward to Ljubelj pass. Just before a tunnel at Ljubelj, turn left and park on a parking lot by the foot of Zelenica ski slopes (around 1060 m).

From the parking lot head westwards across Zelenica ski slopes. Walk on the side of the slopes and soon you will spot the first wide and steep slope on your left – it is called 'Spodnji Plaz' (= Lower Avalanche). Carry on and above the first chairlift station you will see the next steep slope – this is Šentatski Plaz (= Šentanski Avalanche). The name itself tells that the avalanches here are no joke.
a) If you don't want to go through the Central Ravine, you can ascend across Šentatski Plaz. This is the easiest approach to Begunjščica. Orientation is simple. A wide slope (gradient around 25º) turns to the right in the upper part and takes you directly to the ridge; it takes approximately 15 minutes of easy walking towards west to reach the summit of Begunjščica called Veliki Vrh.
b) To ascend across Central Ravine proceed on the side of Zelenica ski slopes to the upper chairlift station. Just below it turn left onto a wide slope – called Zgornji Plaz (= Upper Avalanche). Go up in the middle of the slope and head straight into the widest gully – this is Central Ravine. There are no orientation problems. Just below the summit you merge with the route across 'Smokuški Plaz' and ascend straight to Veliki Vrh (the highest summit of Begunjščica). If you want to descend across Šentanstki Plaz, go down from the summit eastwards along the ridge to an obvious saddle, where a wide terrain opens on your left. It will take you directly to Zelenica ski slopes.

Highest point:
Veliki vrh (Begunjščica): 2060 m

Parking - Upper chairlift station: 1 h
Upper chairlift station - Veliki vrh in Begunjščica (across Central ravine): 1.45 h
Veliki vrh in Begunjščica - Parking (across Šentanski Plaz): 1.45 h
Total: 4.30 h

Šentanski Plaz - 3: The slope is extremely endangered by avalanches. If the snow is hard it is dangerous for slipping. Maximum gradient is approximately 25º.
Central ravine - 5: Ascending through Central ravine is an alpinist tour – only experienced and properly equipped mountaineers/alpinists should do it in good snow conditions! Maximum gradient of the ravine is approximately 45º.

Both Šentatski Plaz and Central ravine are possible to ski. Both options are extremely endangered by avalanches and dangerous to slip in hard snow. Even descending on foot is difficult, let alone on skis. Only for excellent backcountry-skiers with the proper skiing mileage.
Skiing difficulty:
Šentanski Plaz: 4
Central ravine: 5+ (alpinist skiing III+)
Skiing duration: both options ca. 1 h