Basic information
5 h
Start point elevation
870 m
Highest point
1776 m
Total vertical climb
930 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
Head north from the center of Jesenice towards Planina pod Golico (a signpost). The road starts to ascend and you turn left towards Plavški Rovt at the first hairpin. Continue to the village and follow the main road for as long as the snow conditions allow it. We parked soon behind the village of Plavški Rovt - usually there are a few plowed parking spots.

Stay on the main road behind Plavški Rovt. You reach Zakamnik hamlet after two hairpins and proceed onwards to the next meadow (the road slightly descends in between). Turn left there, ascend across the meadow and find a forest dirt road at the very top. The road ascends pretty steeply and soon leads you to a crossroad. Go left and proceed towards north-west to the meadows at 'Hruška Planina' alpine meadow.

The path turns to the right at a hunting observatory cabin at 'Hruška Planina'. It leads to the bare slopes of Rožca alpine meadow without any difficulties. Ascend to a herdsman's cottage just below the ridge that marks the Austrian-Slovenian border. Klek (or Petelinjek) is east above you and Hruški vrh is to the west. Simply follow the ridge to reach either of the summits. Klek is a bit better for skiing, but Hruški vrh offers an amazing view on Julian Alps.

Descend on the path of ascent.

Highest point/summit:
Hruški vrh: 1776 m

Plavški Rovt – Rožca meadow: 2.15 h
Rožca meadow - Hruški vrh: 30 min
Hruški vrh - Plavški Rovt: 2.15 h
Total: 5 h

2 - The route is not technically demanding. Orientation through the forest might be somewhat problematic and there is danger of avalanches on the bare slope below Rožca meadow. Be careful! And do not be careless when it is foggy either.

There are a few options for skiing - it depends on your skills and snow conditions. The easiest way is to return on the path of ascent. But you can also go straight down towards Hruška alpine meadow (very steep!). Considering the snow conditions, we picked the route east along the ridge. Then we took a shortcut to the meadow below Rožca and continued on the path of ascent.
Skiing difficulty: 1
Skiing duration: 1 h