Basic information
Bohinj Gorenjska
10 h
Start point elevation
1527 m
Highest point
2244 m
Total vertical climb
1700 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
Komna hut (1527 m): Access to Komna hut is described here.

Go westwards from Komna hut. In 15 minutes you reach 'Na Kraju' meadow. Proceed forward to the west in the direction of Bogatin saddle, which you will soon see in front of you. A summer path towards the saddle crosses steep slopes endangered by avalanches on the right side of the valley. If the snow conditions are bad, it is smarter to go down and carry on with the ascent along the bottom of the valley. Just before Bogatin saddle you will have to overcome a steep slope endangered by avalanches in any case. Be careful! Once you ascend to the saddle, you will see Krn which is still quite far away.

A descent towards Krn Lake follows (almost 450 altitude meters). From Bogatin saddle ski off slightly to the right, find the best passage between numerous 'hillocks and small valleys' and go down to the remains of Italian army barracks from the 1st world war (this places is called Lepoče). A clear valley leads westwards to Duplje meadow (approximately 1350 m), where you put the ski climbing skins back on and pretty soon you reach the Krn Lake.

At the lake you spot the summit of Krn again and it still seems very far away. Go around the lake on its left side, turn southwards and reach Na Polju meadow after a short steep section (the passage is on the left). Continue directly towards Krn (south or south-west). The little valley, through which you are ascending, would take you to a saddle between Batognica and Vrh Nad Peski, therefore you leave it at around 1850 m and turn right in the direction of 'Krnska Škrbina' (a saddle between Batognica and Krn). The toughest part of the tour begins here. The terrain below Krnska Škrbina is extremely steep and demands quite some mountaineering experience and complete winter gear! Ascending from Škrbina to the summit of Krn is not that difficult; however, when the snow is hard it is extremely dangerous to slip and the 'slide' southwards is pretty long.

The mountains are truly magical, the only 'problem' is that you still have to come back to Komna. Returning to Komna goes the same way. The ascent back to Bogatin saddle will draw the last atoms of strength from you, and you will definitely dream of 'žganci' and 'štruklji' in a warm embrace of the Komna hut.

Highest point:
Krn: 2244 m

All times listed below are meant for ski-touring. Non-skiers will need a lot more time. A better starting point for them is Lepena valley; from there it takes two and a half hours to Krn Lake and then you continue to the summit of Krn as described above.

Komna hut - Bogatin saddle: 1.45 h
Bogatin saddle - Krn Lake: 45 min
Krn Lake - Krn: 3.30 h
Krn - Krn Lake: 1.15 h
Krn Lake - Bogatin saddle: 2 h
Bogatin saddle - Komna hut: 45 min
Total: 10 h

Difficulty of ascent and skiing: 4
Difficulty 4 only applies to the upper part (from below 'Krnska Škrbina' to the summit of Krn). The terrain below 'Krnska Škrbina' is extremely steep and there is danger of slipping on the 'roof' of Krn. Other sections have difficulty 2.