Basic information
Bohinj Gorenjska
5 h
Start point elevation
650 m
Highest point
1527 m
Total vertical climb
880 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
Continue from Ribčev Laz at Lake Bohinj on the road on the left side of the lake and follow markings for Savica waterfall. Park at a parking lot at the end of the road by 'Koča Pri Savici' hut (around 650 m).

From the parking lot head in the direction of Savica waterfall, and soon you will spot a signpost for Komna that guides you slightly to the left. Follow a pleasant mule track which ascends in hairpins. In about an hour and a half it will bring you to a place where a kind of valley opens westwards. Proceed westwards on the right side of the valley in a gentle ascent and you can already see the hut on Komna ahead of you. Through bare treetops of beech trees a magnificent Komarča wall boasts it the lower part of the path; otherwise you do not get any spectacular views along the path, because it runs through the forest all the time. Hut on Komna stands just above the timberline and here is the beginning of true winter joys. Even if you have no special desires to explore Komna and the summits around it, I suggest that you at least walk to 'Na Kraju' alpine meadow (15 minutes to the west from Komna hut), where you get a more authentic understanding of what Komna is actually like. A cargo cable-car leads from 'Koča Pri Savici' to Komna hut. If you make arrangements in advance, your luggage can be transported from the valley. The path to Komna is quite popular and quickly traced.

Highest point:
Dom na Komni (= Komna hut): 1527 m

'Koča pri Savici' – 'Dom na Komni': 2.30 h
'Dom na Komni' - 'Na Kraju' meadow: 15 min
'Na Kraju' meadow - 'Koča pri Savici': 2 h
Total: 5 h

Difficulty: 2

Skiing to the valley takes place along the path of ascent. If there is a lot of snow the descent can be quite funny for skilled skiers. But in case there is little snow, prepare yourself for a 'rodeo' between rocks and trees.
Skiing difficulty: 2
Skiing duration: ca. 1 h