Basic information
Bohinj Gorenjska
5 h
Start point elevation
1527 m
Highest point
2003 m
Total vertical climb
520 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
Komna hut (1527 m): Access to Komna hut is described here.

Go westwards from Komna hut. In 15 minutes you reach 'Na Kraju' meadow, where a path towards Lepa Komna branches off to the right (the descent will take place here). Proceed forward to the west in the direction of Bogatin saddle, which you will soon see in front of you. A summer path towards the saddle crosses steep slopes endangered by avalanches on the right side of the valley. If the snow conditions are bad, it is smarter to go down and carry on with the ascent along the bottom of the valley. Just before Bogatin saddle you will have to overcome a steep slope endangered by avalanches in any case. Be careful! Once you ascend to the saddle, an amazing view on Krn mountain range opens and the panoramic part of the tour begins here. On Bogatin saddle turn right and ascend on a wide ridge to 'Vrh Nad Gracijo' summit; from there descend slightly to some kind of a 'saddle' and carry on with the ascent on the ridge to the rounded summit of Lanževica. It will honor you with a magnificent 360 degree view.

The following is the easiest way to descend (orientation wise): Return on the path of ascent to the 'saddle' between Lanževica and 'Vrh Nad Gracijo', from where an obvious valley descends towards Lepa Komna (east). Descend into the valley and when the terrain enables it, begin turning to the right. Turn towards south-east slowly, and across brief ascents and descents you reach 'Na Kraju' meadow again and from there onwards to Komna hut.

Highest point:
Lanževica: 2003 m

Komna hut - Bogatin saddle: 1.45 h
Bogatin saddle - Lanževica: 1 h
Lanževica - Komna hut (across Lepa Komna): 2 h
Total: 5 h

Difficulty: 2

Skiing takes place down the described path of descent. At Lepa Komna the ground flattens. Brief ascents and descents come after that, and it is only a matter of time when you will put the ski climbing skins back on.
Skiing difficulty: 2
Skiing duration: ca. 1 h