Basic information
Kranjska Gora Gorenjska
3.5 h
Start point elevation
1611 m
Highest point
2333 m
Total vertical climb
720 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
The starting point is Vršič pass (1611 m) on road 'Kranjska Gora – Bovec'. In case the road is not negotiable due to snow, you will have to park lower, which can make the tour much longer.

From Vršič ascend westwards directly or in hairpins across a wide slope. Soon you will notice a saddle called Vratca on your left (where the 'usual' path to Mojstrovka leads) and on the far right opens a terrain leading towards Šitna Glava. You go straight up towards the rocks in the middle of the wide slope. When you come close to the rocks you will notice a clear entrance to 'Pripravniška' ravine on your left and the entrance to 'Župančič' ravine on your right. Entrance to 'Sestopna' ravine is somewhat hidden. Go around the first rocks in the middle of the slope on the right side and right after that carry on straight up towards next rocks, where a short very steep section awaits you (you can go around it on the far left). This part is the toughest section of the ravine and later the gradient does not exceed 45º. From here on the orientation is also easy, since the terrain itself will take you to the ridge, on which you continue for about 300 meters to the summit of Mala Mojstrovka. A ski-touring descent through Drevesnica is described below whereas the 'usual' descent (more suitable if you are on foot) is described here.

Highest point:
Mala Mojstrovka: 2333 m

Vršič – Mala Mojstrovka (across 'Sestopna' ravine): 2 h
Mala Mojstrovka - Drevesnica (skiing): 45 min
Drevesnica - Vršič: 30 min
Total: 3.30 h

Difficulty: 5 (Ascending across 'Sestopna' is an alpinist tour – only experienced an properly equipped mountaineers/alpinists should do it in good snow conditions!)

Descending through Drevesnica is an excellent ski-touring option. Orientation is not especially difficult. Simply ski off down the 'valley' west from the summit of Mala Mojstrovka and later keep on the right side. When you come into the dense forest, look out for a path that takes you through the forest towards left to a stream. From here you have to ascend to the road 'Trenta – Vršič' and along the road in about half an hour back to Vršič pass.
Skiing difficulty: 2
Skiing duration: ca. 45 min