Basic information
Kranjska Gora Gorenjska
3.5 h
Start point elevation
1611 m
Highest point
2333 m
Total vertical climb
720 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
The starting point is Vršič pass (1611 m) on road 'Kranjska Gora – Bovec'. In case the road is not negotiable due to snow, you will have to park lower, which can make the tour much longer.

From Vršič mountain pass ascend westwards across the wide slope directly or in hairpins. Soon you will notice a clear saddle 'Vratca' on your left. Go up the steep slope to the saddle. Here you turn right and continue along the ridge, which is steep and partially exposed (be careful!) at first, but later it widens. Keep on the ridge the whole way to the summit. In nice weather orientation is not difficult and the view on all sides is fantastic. Return back the same way.

Highest point:
Mala Mojstrovka: 2333

Vršič – 'Vratca' saddle: 1 h
'Vratca' saddle - Mala Mojstrovka: 1 h
Descent: 1.30 h
Total: 3.30 h

Difficulty: 3 (danger of avalanches and slipping)

Descend from the summit to a saddle just below Mala Mojstrovka, from where you continue along the 'valley' southwards. Be careful not to get too low and cross towards south-east back to the ridge at approximately 2050 altitude meters. When you reach the narrow part of the ridge just above Vratca saddle, inconveniences for skiers increase, so there is no shame in taking off your skis in this section. From Vratca saddle ski back to Vršič.
Skiing difficulty: 3
Skiing duration: ca. 45 min