Basic information
Bohinj Gorenjska
5.5 h
Start point elevation
1527 m
Highest point
2005 m
Total vertical climb
770 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
Komna hut (1527 m): Access to Komna hut is described here.

Go westwards from Komna hut. In 15 minutes you reach 'Na Kraju' meadow. Proceed forward to the west in the direction of Bogatin saddle, which you will soon see in front of you. A summer path towards the saddle crosses steep slopes endangered by avalanches on the right side of the valley, but you descend down and carry on ascending through the bottom of the little valley called 'Gracija'. Just before Bogatin saddle you have two options to proceed:
A) Easier: Before the terrain gets steeper (just before Bogatin saddle), a small valley opens on the left (south) side; it takes you to a small basin under the slopes of Mali Bogatin (endangered by avalanches), and you can ascend westwards to the saddle between both Bogatin’s. From here the approach to Mali Bogatin is relatively easy.
B) More difficult (shown on GPS track): Continue along the 'Gracija' valley all the way to Bogatin saddle. You have to overcome a steeper terrain endangered by avalanches. On Bogatin saddle turn left. The slope is wide and gently rising at first, but then it gets steeper and more narrow. You can avoid the toughest part of the ridge by crossing to the right (west from the ridge) and ascend across the west slope (gradient around 45º). Only experienced mountaineers should take this option.

From the summit of Mali Bogatin descend southwards to the saddle between both Bogatin’s. From here a narrow ridge (in places only a foot wide) leads to the summit of Mahavšček (Veliki Bogatin) and demands enough mountaineering experience. You can also go to the summit across a steep slope left from the ridge, where you are more exposed to avalanches. Ascending to the summit of Mahavšček can be very difficult, so be careful! From Mahavšček go back to the saddle between both Bogatin’s and then eastwards into a clear basin below you. In the lowest point of the basin a passage towards east opens slightly to the left. At first the ground is flatter, then you descend to the wide 'Govnjač meadow' across a steep section (endangered by avalanches). Go along the left edge of Govnjač meadow till its east end, where you will spot winter markings for the path 'Vogel – Komna'. Ascend slightly in direction north-east, a brief descent follows and then another ascent to Komna hut. The path between Govnjač and Komna hut is a real labyrinth even in nice weather (despite winter markings). I advise against this tour (or any other tour on Komna) if it is foggy.

Highest point:
Mali Bogatin: 1977 m
Veliki Bogatin (or Mahavšček): 2005 m

Komna hut - Bogatin saddle: 1.45 h
Bogatin saddle - Mali Bogatin: 45 min
Mali Bogatin - Veliki Bogatin (Mahavšček): 45 min
Veliki Bogatin (Mahavšček) - Govnjač meadow: 1.45 h
Govnjač meadow - Komna hut: 30 min
Total: 5.30 h

Difficulty: 4 (Ascents to Mali Bogatin from the north side and to the summit of Mahavšček from the saddle between both Bogatin’s are difficult. Other parts of the tour are relatively easy.)

Skiing is possible from both Mali and Veliki Bogatin. The hardest part of skiing is the descent to the saddle between both summits. The upper slopes are steep and endangered by avalanches, but still they are a pleasure for skilled skiers in good conditions. A nice descent from the saddle to a small basin (direction east) follows. From the bottom of the basin you have two options:
A) Follow the above described descent to Govnjač meadow.
B) (shown on GPS track): Put the ski climbing skins back on and ascend ca. 70 altitude meters to a wide saddle towards south-east. On the saddle you will enter into the 'ski-touring paradise' of the Lower Bohinj mountains. There are quite a few good ski-touring options between the summits of Vrh Škrli and Tolminski Kuk. In good conditions you can extend the tour to the ridge on your right, otherwise go down and keep left (north). A small valley ends with a short but steep descent to Govnjač meadow. On the meadow put the ski climbing skins back on and return back to Komna hut as described above.
Skiing difficulty: 3 (from both peaks: 4)
Skiing duration: ca. 1 h (
from both peaks to Govnjač meadow)