Basic information
Tržič Gorenjska
8 h
Start point elevation
1100 m
Highest point
2094 m
Total vertical climb
1200 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
From the road 'Tržič – Ljubelj pass' turn right into Podljublej village and follow the signposts for Kofce. Leave your car by Matizovec farm (approximately 1100 m) or a bit lower if the snow conditions are bad.

From Matizovec farm follow the marked path through the forest to Kofce meadow (1488 m), where you can get something to eat & drink in two mountain huts. Carry on straight up above Kofce meadow (northwards) across a bare terrain to a cross. You can ascend to Kofce Gora along a ridge throughout, or before the ridge narrows turn left towards Veliki Vrh (both options require caution - danger of avalanches and slipping). Once you reach the main ridge, continue to the left along it all the way to the summit of Veliki Vrh. A view on Begunjščica and Julian Alps from the top is fabulous. Return back to Kofce Gora along the ridge from where you can: return back to Kofce meadow or continue along the ridge eastwards to Kladivo summit. Follow the ridge throughout, ascend to the first summit (Malo Kladivo), go down a little bit and finally rise up to Kladivo. From there you can go down the south slope (endangered by avalanches) to Šija meadow and from there onwards to Kofce meadow. But I suggest that you return back the same way and enjoy the beautiful views from the ridge. If you want to ascend to both Veliki Vrh and Kladivo all in the same day, the tour will be quite long (all together around 8 hours)!

Highest point:
Veliki vrh: 2086 m
Kladivo: 2094 m


Matizovec – Kofce meadow: 1.30 h
Kofce meadow – Kofce gora: 1.30 h
Kofce gora – Veliki vrh: 1 h
Kofce gora – Kladivo: 1.15 h
Total: only Veliki vrh OR only Kladivo: 6 h / Veliki vrh AND Kladivo: 8 h

Difficulty: 3 (danger of avalanches and slipping)

From Veliki Vrh descend down the south-east slope in the direction of the cross above Kofce meadow. From Kladivo you ski southwards to Šija meadow. Both slopes are grassy and avalanche danger is substantial!
Skiing difficulty: 3
Skiing duration: from both peaks to Matizovec ca. 2 h