Basic information
Kranj (Preddvor)
5 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
585 m
Highest point
1434 m
Total vertical climb
980 m

Starting point:
Mače village. Leave 'Ljubljana - Jesenice' motorway at 'Kranj - vzhod' exit and follow the signposts for Jezersko or Preddvor. Leave the main road in Preddvor (turn left) and start following the signposts for Mače. You will notice a signpost for Storžič or Kališče in Mače village. It guides you to the right and then over a steep slope to a large parking lot. There are a lot of cars here on weekends, but do not worry - not many hikers will head in the same direction as you...

You will see a large hiking signpost next to the parking lot that is divided into the path towards Kališče and the path towards Hudičev Boršt. Choose the latter and go across the parking lot straight up. The path is nicely marked throughout - follow the signposts for Hudičev Boršt. At first you walk on a wide and rough tractor road. Then it turns into a footpath and ascends in hairpins through a dense forest. Higher up, you reach panoramic meadows in front of the peculiar patch of trees called 'Hudičev Boršt'. You can rest for a bit here, take in the view and freshen up at a water spring.

Cross the forest in the direction of a signpost to 'Javorjev Vrh'. A narrow path goes past a hunting cabin (or a shelter) and crosses a steep slope to the east. Leaves may make the path a bit unclear in autumn but the markings are visible enough to follow them easily. The path leads to a woody ridge where one path takes a sharp left turn towards Cjajnovica and the two other paths go right along the ridge. The lower one goes slightly below the ridge towards St. Jakob above Preddvor whereas the upper one runs along the ridge itself. We chose the latter and did not regret it even a little. It follows the ridge through a beautiful forest with great views on Grintavec and Kalški Greben. The path ascends gradually and takes you directly to Javorjev Vrh.

Descend from Javorjev Vrh to the right (south-east). The path is nicely marked throughout and you go down towards St. Jakob through a pleasant forest. You will find a signpost for a viewpoint ('razgledišče') worth a visit slightly above St. Jakob. The view on Storžič and Hudičev Boršt are stunning!

Keep descending to a pretty St. Jakob church. There is the very pleasant and panoramic cottage next to the church. Although a dirt road leads up to here as well, you proceed descending on the footpath. Go along the path towards west from the terrace of the cottage. You arrive to another cute lodge in a few minutes and can get a snack there too. The markings guide you to the left from there. Follow the marked path (that often crosses a wide dirt road) all the way to the parking lot in the valley.

The path to St. Jakob is rather popular so there will surely be quite a few cars at this parking lot. From here it takes another half an hour to your parking lot in Mače village and perhaps someone will take mercy on you and give you a lift there. Otherwise descend to the asphalt on the main road and turn right on the first crossroad. Go straight on the asphalt road, then the road turns left but you proceed straight on a dirt road. When the dirt road turns right, pay attention to a hiking signpost for 'Jezero' that points straight on. You quickly reach a stream on a gentle slope. Find a small bridge and cross it. You come to a courtyard of a house and turn right just a few meters behind the houses. Cross a grassy path to a courtyard of a large farm and go straight on the asphalt at a cross. Go slightly to the left at the next crossroad and you will find a dirt road between the houses. It goes to the right and you follow it until an asphalt road just before Mače village. Proceed along it and finally reach the starting point.

Highest point/summit:
Hudičev Boršt: 1325 m
Javorjev Vrh: 1434 m

Parking (Mače) - Hudičev Boršt: 1.45 h
Hudičev Boršt - Javorjev Vrh: 1.15 h
Javorjev Vrh - St. Jakob: 45 min
St. Jakob - Parking (Preddvor): 35 min
Parking (Preddvor) - Parking (Mače): 35 min
Total: 5 h

2 - The path is easy. Only the first part of the path between Hudičev Boršt towards Javorjev Vrh goes along a narrow path across steep terrain. If it is wet it can be quite unpleasant.

Type of path:
Marked - The whole path is nicely marked. There are signposts on all crossroads. The only 'orientation problem' is coming back from parking above Preddvor to the parking in Mače village (if you want to avoid the main road).