Basic information
Kranjska Gora
3.5 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
1611 m
Highest point
2333 m
Total vertical climb
720 m

Starting point:
The starting point is Vršič Pass (1611 m) on road 'Kranjska Gora – Bovec'.

Look for hiking signposts for Sleme at the highest point of Vršič pass. The path ascends gradually to the north. Before long you come to a saddle, where you already spot the wall across which you will climb. Choose the path that leads across scree-slopes just below the walls of Mojstrovka. After about 10 minutes you reach the place where the via-ferrata turns left to the wall (it is called Hanz route). The route starts ascending steeply and is greatly exposed at all times. Instead of vertigo you should rather bring the via-ferrata safety set; a helmet is obligatory in any case. Enjoy in a genuine mountain ambience and look at the alpinists, who climb in the nearby walls. Carefully and slowly ascend above 'Šitna Glava' summit, where the path is much less exposed. A poorly visible path leads you across a small rough scree-slope and there is another less demanding steep rocky slope just below the Mala Mojstrovka summit.

Descent: Go down southwards across the 'roof' of Mala Mojstrovka. The path is a bit inconvenient, as it partly runs across rocks sprinkled with gravel. The gravel path moves away from the ridge to the right; if you rather walk across rocks, you should keep on the ridge itself all the way. Both options merge a bit lower down and take you to Vratca saddle, where you turn left to scree-slopes above Vršič pass. The gravel path is a bit uncomfortable (slippery) at the beginning. Cross the scree-slopes and later descend to the pass between dwarf pines.

Highest point/summit:
Mala Mojstrovka: 2333 m

Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka (via-ferrata, Hanz route): 2.15 h
Mala Mojstrovka - Vršič (normal path): 1.15 h
Total: 3.30 h

5 - The ascent (Hanz route) goes along a very difficult climbing route (via-ferrata)! It goes across steep north walls of Mojstrovka ridge and is highly exposed most of the time. It is only suitable for skilled mountaineers. There are a lot of steel cables and the use of a via-ferrata safety set is advisable. And a helmet, of course! A tour for the summer-time (snows stays quite long on the shady side)!

Type of path: Marked path