Basic information
7.5 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
650 m
Highest point
2005 m
Total vertical climb
1500 m

Starting point:
From Ribčev Laz near Lake Bohinj, continue along the road on the left side of the lake and follow signposts for the Savica Waterfall. Park at the end of the road on the parking lot near 'Koča pri Savici' hut (app. 650m), where you pay a parking fee in summer.

From Savica hut, proceed forward along a marked path in the direction of the Savica Waterfall. Right next to the small hut where the entrance fee for the waterfall is collected turn left towards Komna. Now you are on a mule track, which rises gently through a beech tree forest. There are 48 hairpin turns ahead of you, then a small valley opens westwards and after a short ascent you reach 'Dom na Komni' hut, open all year round.

We step out of the forest in Komna and continue towards 'Koča pod Bogatinom' hut. All the crossroads are nicely marked. A gradual ascent westwards leads us to Bogatin saddle, where Slovene Gorenjska and Primorska regions 'touch each other’. This is the most panoramic part of the tour. Turn left at the saddle, follow the 'ridge' and a steep ascent leads you to the pointing peak of Mt. Mali Bogatin. Descend sharply towards the saddle between the two Bogatins; this is the 'trickiest' part of the tour. It's not very demanding, you just need to be careful on rocks, peppered with stones.

From the saddle, you reach the top of Mt. Veliki Bogatin (also named Mahavšček) just by a short ascent along the ridge. At the top the ridge becomes wider and you start descending south-east along a nice grassy path. After a few km you reach a marked crossroad, where you turn left in the direction of 'Planina Govnjač'. The path winds along smaller valleys: a real ski-touring paradise in winter! Follow the marked path, which takes you to the wide Govnjač alpine meadow – one of the coldest spots in Slovenia.

Cross the meadow eastwards and near the war ruins of WW1 turn left in the direction of Komna. There are a few short ascents and descents ahead, after app. 20 min you are back at 'Dom na Komni' hut. Return to Savica following your path of the ascent.

Highest point/summit:
Mali Bogatin: 1977 m
Veliki Bogatin (Mahavšček): 2005 m

Savica hut - Komna hut: 2.30 h
Komna hut - Bogatin saddle: 1.15 h
Bogatin saddle - Mali Bogatin: 30 min
Mali Bogatin - Veliki Bogatin (Mahavšček): 20 min
Veliki Bogatin (Mahavšček) - Govnjač meadow: 1 h
Govnjač meadow - Komna hut: 20 min
Komna hut - Savica hut: 1.45 h
Total: 7.5 h

2 - The whole path is technically easy. Caution is required when ascending and descending Mali Bogatin.

Type of path:
Marked - all the crossroads are nicely marked.

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