Basic information
Črna na Koroškem Koroška
6 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
1080 m
Highest point
2125 m
Total vertical climb
1200 m

Starting point:
Fajmut farm in Topla valley. Drive to Črna Na Koroškem where you turn in the direction of Koprivna (westwards). Drive through the valley to a well-marked crossroad, where a signpost guides you to Topla valley. Ascend on an asphalt road to a turning where a signpost for Fajmut farm stands. Park here.

Ascend from the parking lot in front of Fajmut farm along a stream straight up; in five minutes you come to a small meadow, where an entrance to an abandoned mine is. Cross the meadow to the right and continue slightly downwards on a dirt road. Soon you merge with a road, which comes from Fajmut, and go left. Leave this road in a few 10 meters at a marked crossroad (direction Kneps), where you go left and after a few steps left again at the next split. Walk on a really delightful, well traced path which is not marked. There are green markings on trees or rocks occasionally and orientation problems are not to be expected. A bit higher up you cross a road where the signpost 'Kneps' guides us onto the right path yet again. The ascent is technically easy, but the path ascends quickly. Slowly you come from the forest amidst dwarf pines and start observing unusual rocky sculptures on the south slope of Peca. The view gets better with every step and the path flattens out before Kneps saddle. From the saddle you can ascend on a ridge to the left (westwards) to 'Končnikov Vrh' summit in 15 minutes, thus adding another 2000-meter peak to your collection. To ascend to Kordež Head you have to go to the right (south-east) from the Kneps saddle. You will reach Kordež Head summit across a gently sloping and easy terrain. The view is phenomenal in nice weather.

Go down on a marked path eastwards amidst dwarf pines. The marked path splits to an 'easy' and 'very difficult' path at a flattening about half an hour of walk from the summit. Depending on your wishes and abilities choose either of them. They merge again a bit further down just before 'Dom Na Peci' hut. Signposts will lead you to the charming 'Dom Na Peci' hut. Turn right just by the hut on a marked path slightly uphill as a signpost for Topla directs you. All crossroads are marked (follow Topla or Jama) and descend on a pleasant path across the south slope of Peca towards Topla. The path runs through a forest with occasional views on Mt. Raduha and a part of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. In the lower section of the path you must cross a wooden gate; there will be a few unpleasant steps for those with vertigo. You come to the starting point without orientation problems.

Highest point/summit:
Peca (Kordež Head): 2125 m

Fajmut farm (Topla) - Peca (Kordež Head) (past Kneps saddle): 3 h
Peca (Kordež Head) - Fajmut farm (Topla) (past 'Dom na Peci' hut): 3 h
Total: 6 h

2 - The whole route is technically easy. The only short 'problem' is in the lower part of the descent. See pictures.

Type of path:
Marked path - Although the path to Kneps saddle is not marked, there are signposts an all crossroads. You will notice green dots on the trees and rocks from time to time. The path from the saddle to the summit and the descent are marked.