Basic information
Bohinj Gorenjska
6.5 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
1060 m
Highest point
1964 m
Total vertical climb
1050 m

Starting point:
On the road 'Bohinjska Bistrica – Lake Bohinj' behind Laški Rovt village turn left at the first possible crossroad (near a grey house and a Triglav National Park signboard). Continue on a forest dirt road for about 7 km. The road rises constantly; keep left on the first few crossroads but then later follow the 'main' road. Go left on a big crossroad of equivalent roads and you will notice markings for Suha about 100 m after. Park there (1060 m).

Simply follow a marked path from the described parking lot through a forest and reach Suha alpine meadow after half an hour of moderate ascent. The view starts to open on all sides. Cross the meadow in the middle and proceed in the south-west direction on a marked path (poorly visible in some places). When you reach 'Čez Suho' saddle, the path joins with a path from Vogel ski resort. More hikers come from that direction because of an easy access with the cable-car. A view to all sides opens (if bad weather does not spoil it, of course) - the subalpine hills on one side and the central Julian Alps on the other. Carry on from the saddle to the left on an easy path along the ridge to the Rodica summit.

From here you can either go back the same way to the starting point (recommended for less experienced hikers) or carry on along a wonderful ridge eastwards. This path demands a bit more caution because you will be crossing quite steep terrain, where you do not wish to slip. The path goes around Mt. Raskovec and Mt. Matajurski Vrh and returns to the ridge at a rounded saddle below the grassy Poljanski Vrh summit.

Leave the marked path here and head into a lonesome, partially pathless area towards Poljana alpine meadow. Turn left from the grassy saddle and descend on the right side of a big hole. After a short while you will notice a path, which is partly visible and partly not. Go down towards Lake Bohinj and Poljana alpine meadow, which you can already see in front of you. At first you move across an easy terrain, but later you come to a torrent streambed. When the streambed gets pretty steep, a small stone pile guides you to the right through dwarf pines onto an easier terrain. After that you merge with the torrent again, follow it for a while and then move away to grassy slopes with dwarf pines on the left side of the streambed. Watch the terrain carefully and search for comfortable passages. The streambed itself is rather steep in some places. If you come to a high vertical jump of the torrent just above Poljana alpine meadow, you have missed the correct way. You should ascend to the left and look for a footpath, which takes you safely to Poljana meadow through dwarf pines. A simple and clearly visible (but unmarked) mule track leads from Poljana meadow westwards. At first you must ascend a bit and then go towards Suha meadow across a gentle slope with a nice view on central Julian Alps. From Suha meadow return to the starting point on the same path.

Highest point/summit: :
Rodica: 1964 m

Parking - Rodica (past 'Čez Suho' saddle): 2.30 h
Rodica - Poljana alpine meadow: 2 h
Poljana alpine meadow - Parking: 2 h
Total: 6.30 h

3 - Ascent to Rodica across 'Čez Suho' saddle is technically easy and appropriate for anyone. The ridge path eastwards from Rodica occasionally crosses steep slopes and you must use your hands in some places. The pathless area from the ridge to Poljana alpine meadow is partly difficult - orientation skills are required also. An easy path leads from Poljana meadow to the starting point.

Type of path:
Marked - The path to Rodica and the path on the ridge are both well marked. The descent from the ridge to Poljana meadow runs on a pathless area. A nicely visible unmarked path leads from Poljana back to the starting point.