Basic information
Kranjska Gora
4 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
1520 m
Highest point
1909 m
Total vertical climb
630 m

Starting point:
'Erjavčeva Koča' hut stands on road 'Kranjska Gora – Bovec', just below Vršič Pass. The parking lot next to it is our strating point.

From the parking lot next to 'Erjavčeva Koča' hut go straight up towards west on a marked path. Ascend to a saddle, where the Mojstrovka ridge finishes. There is a splendid view on the walls of Mt. Prisojnik behind you and Mt. Škrlatica reigns slightly in the distance. Turn right on the saddle (direction Sleme) and descend gently. Along a pleasant path you reach a grassy plateau from where probably the best view on 'pointy' Mt. Jalovec opens, and walls of Mojstrovka rise steeply above you. You are just a stone's throw away from the summit of Slemenova Špica, where the view will drop deep down into Tamar Valley below you.

You can either go back the same way (easier) or go along a gravel path across scree-slopes just below the walls of Mojstrovka. The path which runs across the scree-slopes is noticeable from Sleme already. Go down southwards (in the direction of the marked path to Tamar Valley) until Slatnica saddle. Turn left here towards the scree-slopes. The path is much less convenient than the one on which you have ascended, but the closeness of the walls will amaze you. There is a chance of snow on this path also during summer and in that case it is better to go back along the 'lower' path. Both paths merge again on a saddle above Vršič Pass. If you are already tired, return directly to the start point, otherwise you can make a nice 'detour' across Vršič and see the walls of Mt. Prisojnik from up close. From the saddle descend to the right to the top of Vršič Pass; then ascend to 'Tičarjev Dom' hut just above the pass and continue on a wide dirt road until 'Poštarska Koča' hut (you will reach it in a few minutes). A grassy summit above the hut is also called Vršič and boasts with a spectacular view in all directions. Return from the summit to the hut, turn left and descend to the starting point ('Erjavčeva Koča' hut) along the beautiful grassy old Vršič road, which was built by Russian war prisoners.

Highest point/summit:
Slemenova Špica: 1909 m

'Erjavčeva koča' hut - Slemenova Špica: 1.30 h
Slemenova Špica - Vršič Pass: 1.30 h
Vršič Pass - 'Erjavčeva koča' hut (past Vršič summit): 45 min
Total: 4 h

1 - The entire rout is technically easy.

Type of path: Marked path