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naravni biotop, savna, masaže, restavracija, namizni tenis, trgovina z domačimi izdelki in še in še


Garden village is a brand-new ecological 'glamping' (glamorous camping) resort on a unique location, just a short walk from Lake Bled. Guests can choose among 4 exciting types of accommodation:

1) Fantastic tree houses which are actually set up in treetops and where branches literally 'cut through' the roof. The way the houses are constructed and how you reach them will already enchant you, let alone the lying high above the ground on their balconies or inside on a special hammock. The houses stretch on two floors; they can accommodate up to 4 guests and have a private bathroom. Marvellous!

2) Glamping tents are situated on the sunnier part of the resort. Each tent has its own garden, where you can pick up fresh vegetables or strawberries. In front of the tent there is also a private wooden tub for romantic evenings under the stars. In the spacious tent you will find 2 double beds (for 4 guests), a living room and a bathroom.

3) The pier tents are located right above the stream Jezernica, which runs from Lake Bled. These cute tents are a bit smaller and can accommodate 2 guests. Each tent has its own terrace and fridge, the restrooms are shared. An ideal choice for couples!

4) Two apartments with Jacuzzi are located in the main building above the reception. These studio apartments can take up to 4 guests (on two levels).

The main star of the resort and the gathering place for guests is the gorgeous natural biotope, which is beautifully placed in the resort. Treat yourself to a refreshing swim and relax on a small beach or a fantastic wooden terrace, where time simply flies by! Guests can also use the Finnish sauna, located in a romantic 'nest above the stream'. Book it for a bit of pampering, since it is already included in the accommodation price.

The atmosphere here is relaxed, peaceful and closely connected to nature. The staff is really nice and helpful and attention to details and privacy are top priorities. The offer is nicely completed by the excellent Garden restaurant and a small organic shop with products from all around Slovenia.

Garden Village offers one of the most interesting accommodation options you can find in our beautiful Slovenia. Treat yourself to it!

Contact details:
Address: Cesta Gorenjskega odreda 16, 4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 838 99 220