Basic information
Zadnja Trenta
Type of accommodation
Opening time
jan - dec
Additional offer
hrana, manjši bazen, čudovit razgled,...

In our humble opinion Kekec homestead is one of the best accommodations in Slovenia. It is placed on a hidden meadow under the steep slopes of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps. Right by the source of Soča river and the green pools of Zapotok waterfalls. Absolute peace and enchanting nature.

With a lot of effort and attention to details Joži and Mitja created this unparalleled alpine fairytale. Words aren't enough to describe Kekec homestead, you have to experience it!

Traditional wooden cottages offer really comfortable rooms. There is a romantic pool near a cosy terrace where you can enjoy culinary marvels that come smelling from the kitchen.

Kekec homestead is ideal for various social events, celebrations and unforgettable alpine weddings. Every nature lover will be amazed by this alpine paradise. The crystal clear Soča river spring is in direct vicinity, in summertime you can cool yourself in ice-cold pools of Zapotok waterfalls, climb Bavški Grintavec or Jalovec or explore hidden hunting trails.

Indulge the countless mountain adventures, take a nap in the grass or just stroll through humpy meadows of old Trenta homesteads.

A perfect choice for families or romantic getaways for couples.