Basic information
1.5 h
18 km
Start point elevation
530 m
Highest point
615 m
Total vertical climb
140 m
Type of trail
asphalt, dirt road, trail

Starting point:
It is actually possible to start cycling anywhere in Bohinj since the mentioned route passes most of the villages in Bohinj and is marked with description boards in plenty of places. Our description starts at the start point of the cycling path in Bohinjska Bistrica. Go along the main road from Bohinjska Bistrica towards Bled, pass the gas station, cross Sava Bohinjka river and turn left immediately after. You can also leave the car here.

From the mentioned parking lot follow the asphalt cycling path along the left bank of Sava Bohinjka river. The path is really nice and suitable for everyone. There is just one short ascent and after it, you quickly descend towards Stara Fužina village. Although the marked cycling path turns right and goes on towards the Upper Bohinj valley, you should head towards the main ‘attraction’ of the trip: Lake Bohinj. Leave the cycling path at a description board (after the mentioned descent). Cross the bridge on your left and turn left again. Go along the main road to Ribčev Laz and take in the amazing view of the lake. There are countless options for discovering the lakeside: you can try rock climbing at ‘Pod Skalco’ crag, rent a kayak, play beach volleyball or simply enjoy swimming and resting on the shore.

Once you get tired of the lake (I doubt it will happen very soon), return to the cycling path (either by the lake shore or along the main road – see gps track) and continue towards Stara Fužina. The cycling path doesn't go through its village center, but in case you wish to add some cultural and educational content to the trip, go to Stara Fužina and visit the Pastoral farming museum, where you learn about alpine farming and dairy industry in the area. The marked cycling path continues to Studor vllage, where you simply must visit the Oplen house – an incredible 200 years old Bohinj house that has been converted into a museum.

The path leads across meadows from Studor to Srednja Vas village where the cycling path comes to an end. You can either return from here to Lower Bohinj valley over the Senožeta hill (see MTB option below) or proceed along the main road through Bohinjska Češnjica village (not suitable for small children). Turn right before Jereka village, descend straight down to the starting point of the trip at Bohinjska Bistrica and hurry to the world of pools and wellness in Aquapark Bohinj.

Highest point:
Jereka village: ca. 615 m

Length (duration, km):
Bohinjska Bistrica - Lake Bohinj (along the Lower Bohinj valley): 30 min (7.5 km)
Lake Bohinj - Bohinjska Bistrica (along the Upper Bohinj valley): 45 min (10.5 km)
Total: 1.30 h, 18 km

Type of trail:
100% asphalt (18 km)

MTB option:
If you don’t mind a steep ascent along a cart road, I recommend the following option across Senožeta hill between Upper and Lower Bohinj valley. At the description board for Bohinj cycling path (in Srednja Vas village) go along a narrow road southwards. Turn left at the first split (in about 100 meters) and follow the dirt road across gorgeous meadows.You will reach a crossroad at a foothill, go right (Brod or Rudnica signpost) and begin to ascend. At first, the slope is rather steep, but then you come to a panoramic ‘plateau’. Follow the signposts to Brod and descend steeply past beautiful meadows into Upper Bohinj valley at Brod village. You come directly onto the ‘Bohinjska Bistrica – Lake Bohinj’ cycling path. This is a wonderful MTB addition to an otherwise simple ‘trekking’ trip. The whole route is provided in the enclosed gpx file.