Basic information
Zgornja Kungota (Maribor)
4 h
52 km
Start point elevation
260 m
Highest point
583 m
Total vertical climb
1100 m
Type of trail
asphalt, dirt road, trail

Starting point:
Spodnja Kungota village. Drive from center of Maribor towards the Austrian border and turn towards Kungota on a big roundabout. Drive to Spodnja Kungota and park on the left side of the road next to the Local Community Home and a football field.

Go from Spodnja Kungota village along the main road towards Zgornja Kungota, but only for about 2 km to the Gradiška village where you turn sharply to the right. Drive past the houses and turn left on the first crossroad. Keep right on the next crossroad and take on the first 'serious' slope. Before reaching first houses on the top of the hill, turn left and the road becomes a bit flatter. The road constantly follows the ridge of the hill towards north. You will notice occasional blue boards that mark the 'Kungota cycling path' No. 4. Soon a view tower on Plački Vrh hill appears in the distance and it serves us as an orientation point since some crossroads on the way to the hill aren't marked. It is possible to ascend on Plački Vrh both from the west as well as from the east side and the view from the magnificent tower is one of the highlights of the trip.

Descend from the summit towards west and past vineyards you come to an asphalt road and continue with a steep descent towards south to the Plač village. Behind the village a blue cycling signpost (No. 4) directs you to the right and the dirt road start to ascend among pretty vineyards with increasingly beautiful views. Drive towars north-west until you reach a 'T-shape' crossroad where you turn left steeply downward. Descend towards a nice Svečina village, but just before the village turn right and start ascending again. Through a strip of forest you will arrive to a 'hill saddle' with an incredible view. Turn right on the top and after a few meters a blue cycling signpost directs you to the left downward. Do not turn left! Disregard the signpost and continue straight on. Shortly you will cross the Austrian border (but only for ca. 500 m). Keep left and right behind the 'Trunk guesthouse' turn left between the houses, return back to Slovenia and descend to the beautiful tourist farm Dreisiebner. A very romantic view is waiting for you at the end of the farm's courtyard… From Dreisiebner descend into the valley right thorugh 'the heart' and after an enjoyable descent you will come to a wider road. If you are already tired, turn left and simply follow the main road that takes you to Zgornja Kungota and forward to the starting point in Spodnja Kungota.

In case you haven't had enough yet, you can continue up to Gaj above Maribor. Just cross the wide road and continue on a narrower asphalt road. Ascend through a forest and turn left at the only intersection of equivalent roads. The road will bring you to the panoramic Gaj village. Follow the blue cycling signposts, descend a little towards west and then a couple of short ascents await you. The blue cycling signposts get lost on the way. The easiest way is to keep left on the crossroads and the road will definitely lead you to the main road between Zgornja and Spodnja Kungota from where you return to the starting point.

Highest point:
Plački vrh: 509 m
Gaj above Maribor: 583 m

Length (duration, km):
Spodnja Kungota - Plački vrh: 1.15 h (13.5 km)
Plački vrh - Dreisiebner: 1.15 h (14 km)
Dreisiebner - Gaj above Maribor: 1 h (12.5 km)
Gaj above Maribor - Spodnja Kungota: 30 min (12 km)
Total: 4 h, 52 km

Type of trail:
80% asphalt (42 km)
20% dirt road (10 km)