Basic information
Jeruzalem (Ljutomer)
2.5 h
29 km
Start point elevation
180 m
Highest point
342 m
Total vertical climb
600 m
Type of trail
asphalt, dirt road, trail

Starting point:
The tour starts and ends in Ljutomer. If you come from 'Maribor - Lendava' motorway, drive past the shopping malls in Ljutomer and you can park there already. There is another parking lot in front of a sports hall (at a roundabout) and next to the bus station in Ljutomer. Of course, you can also choose one of the tourist farms along the way as your starting point.

This trip takes you across the picturesque hills between Jeruzalem and Ormož. There are a lot of different options since the vineyards are completely crisscrossed with asphalt and dirt roads. We did our best to choose the prettiest roads and we also included some stopovers at two really cute tourist farms. Warning: It is difficult to describe the route accurately due to the many crossroads - we suggest using a map and/or gps.

In Ljutomer follow the signposts for Ormož at first and then turn towards Lendava. The main road leaves the town and soon you will notice a small cycling signpost for 'Vardova pot' that guides you to the right. Go straight at next crossroads and go left at the first 'Y-shape' crossroad ('Vardova pot' path goes to the right here). Go into the valley and turn left onto a dirt road at a welcome board saying 'Dobrodošli v Rinčetovi grabi'. The path begins to ascend through the vineyards and takes you to a panoramic ridge. Follow the ridge southwards and overcome a short steep slope. Then descend to the right, go left at the first crossroad and follow the main road. It leads through a forest to a crossroad of equivalent roads, where you turn right. Before long, you reach a wider road. Just cross it and start to ascend again. Follow the signposts for Hlebec tourist farm and ascend to a panoramic ridge.

You will get served some cold cuts and excellent wine at Hlebec farm anytime, but if you want a warm lunch, you have to make arrangements at least one day in advance. Proceed from Hlebec farm towards the south along the ridge. Descend to the main road and turn sharply to the right. After about 200 meters go uphill to the left. After a short ascent you reach the tourist farm Puklavec. One of the best things about it is its fantastic terrace where you get to enjoy the tasty homemade dishes and fine wine again.

From Puklavec farm continue on the road that you saw from their terrace. Descend to 'Milkavž pri Ormožu' village where the last ascent towards Jeruzalem begins. The church in Jeruzalem, which offers an incredible view onto the winding vineyards all around, is the highest point of the tour. You will find a tourist information center and the gorgeous Dvorec Jeruzalem hotel there. Continue on the road to the north and descend to the main 'Ljutomer - Ormož' road. If you do not want to go along the main road, go left and turn to the right onto a dirt road just a few meters on. You arrive to a village across a meadow and rail tracks. Go right and then keep on the left. You will come straight into Ljutomer town center.

A great trip that will surely delight you!

Highest point:
Jeruzalem: 342 m

Length (duration, km):
Ljutomer - Hlebec tourist farm - Puklavec tourist farm: 1.15 h (14 km)
Puklavec tourist farm - Jeruzalem - Ljutomer: 1.15 h (15 km)
Total: 2.5 h, 29 km

Type of trail:
91% asphalt (26.5 km)
9% dirt road (2.5 km)