Basic information
Entrance fee
450 m
Trip duration
1 h

How to get there:
On the road 'Bovec – Trenta (Vršič Pass)' turn right towards Lepena valley behind village named 'Soča'. Cross the Soča river and soon after that park on a parking lot by the road.

From the parking lot go back along Soča river towards the bridge. The river captivates us already with its color and in summer-time invites the brave ones for a cold swim. Carry on from the bridge on the left bank of Soča. A neat tourist path takes place a little bit away from the gorge and only gets closer to it on a small footbridge on the north side of the gorge. A beautiful view of the river opens from the footbridge. For the more experienced hikers, a narrow unmarked and in some places very exposed path runs just by the gorge and offers great views. Terrain is quite slippery, so be extremely careful – there is no safety anywhere!

Basic info:
Duration: 1 h
Length: 2 km
Altitude difference: 50 m
Type of path: easy partially marked path.