Basic information
slapovi, korita
Entrance fee
570 m
Trip duration
2.5 h

How to get there:
Drive from Kobarid towards Drežnica, where you turn right towards Koseč village. In Koseč itself there are no options for parking, so it is best to park at an appropriate place by the road between Drežnica and Koseč or simply on the parking lot in Drežnica.

A wooden tourist board in Koseč village directs us on a walking path to 'Koseška korita' (to the right). We descend past a church of St. Just (one of the oldest churches in the region) into a lovely forest. The path goes down by Stopnik stream which has created 4 waterfalls - over 20 meters high. Before the last waterfall the path turns to the right and leads us to the gorges, which were carved by another stream (Brsnik). We can only take a look at the last part of the gorges whereas the upper parts are impassable for hikers. Wild nature, towering walls and wrinkled layers of rock will definitely charm you. Descend by a stream and a bit further rise up from the river bed with the help of steel cables, and carry on to energetic points at Glavica. Sit down on the benches and soak some good energy from this beautiful forest. The path will bring us back to the asphalt road 'Drežnica – Koseč'. The route is nice and marked - the orientation should not be a problem. It takes approximately 2 hours for the whole circular route.

Supot and Krampež waterfalls: by the road 'Drežnica – Koseč' you will notice a wooden board 'Slap Krampež', which directs you onto a dirt road. Park here and continue on foot. In about 10 minutes you will come to the Supot waterfall. Krampež waterfall is just a few more steps to the right. Krampež has two parts: the lower one is easily accessible and falls into a nice pool, but a very demanding protected path, which should only be taken on by very skilled hikers, leads to the upper one. The lower waterfall is nicer.

Basic info:
Duration: 2.30 h
Length: 4 km
Altitude difference: 250 m
Type of path: easy marked path