Basic information
Gozd Martuljek
Entrance fee
1200 m
Trip duration
2 h

Starting point:
Drive from Jesenice towards Kranjska Gora. When you cross the bridge over Sava Dolinka river in Gozd Martuljek, the road turns right. Just behind this turn you will spot a parking lot on your left hand side where you should leave your car.

Walk along the main road from the parking lot towards Kranjska Gora for a few meters and then turn left onto an asphalt cycling path. Follow this path at first and then continue straight on a forest road. Follow the signposts for 'Martuljški slapovi' or 'Brunarica Pri Ingotu' at all crossroads. Before long, you come to a meadow with some descriptive boards of how people used to cook charcoal.

The path splits in two here. The first one leads through the Martuljek gorge. This one is closed at the moment, because the terrain above the gorge is very crumbly and causes big troubles for the path’s keepers. We suggest that you follow the signpost 'Brunarica Pri Ingotu' and start to ascend on a wide, but rather steep tractor road. You will come to a marked crossroad in about half a hour, where you can turn left and descend to the marvelous Lower Martuljek waterfall (5 minutes on a narrow footpath - some more caution is needed).

Return back to the main road and proceed upwards. Soon you will come to the next crossroad in front of Jasenje alpine meadow. If you are tired already, turn left and just in a few steps you will reach the alpine meadow with the excellent alpine farm 'Pri Ingotu'. Otherwise, go in the direction of a signpost for 'II. Martuljkov slap' and follow a well traced path. You will reach a rocky amphitheater in about half an hour and what a sight that is! The Upper Martuljek waterfall falls across a vertical 100 meter wall in several stages. If you wish to come right underneath the waterfall, you have to climb over an extremely difficult passage secured with steel cables and stemples. This path takes you directly to a small water pool, but is only appropriate for skilled mountaineers. An amazing sight!

Go back the same way and pay attention to 'Brunarica Pri Ingotu' signpost, which directs you to the right. Cross a stream and arrive to Jasenje alpine meadow past a wooden chapel. You can get a delicious and well-deserved lunch there. Return back to the valley the same way.

Basic info
Duration: 2 h
Length: 8 km
Altitude difference: 470 m
Type of path: non-demanding marked path (the last section of the path to the second waterfall is very demanding!)