Basic information
Bohinj Gorenjska
korita, slap
Entrance fee
600 m
Trip duration
3.5 h

How to get there:
In Ribčev Laz at the Bohinj Lake turn right across a bridge towards Stara Fužina. In Stara Fužina pay attention to signboards that will direct you to the left (Voje, Vogar) before the bridge across Mostnica. Carry on past the houses until you reach a large parking lot.

From the parking lot we go northwards on a path across a meadow (right side of the ascending road). Soon we come to a stony 'Devil's Bridge', from where a view deep down into the turquoise water of Mostnica opens. The water is wedged between narrow vertical walls, 20 meters below us. On the right bank of Mostnica we ascend to a description board, and contiune straight along the gorges to the second bridge where admission fee is collected in summer months. From here to the end of the gorges a path runs on both sides of Mostnica. The path itself is undemanding, sloveniabut be careful if you stray from it. Do not go too close to the gorges - danger of slipping! The stream bed is shallow and wide in some parts but narrow and deep in others. The water has formed extraordinary rock shapes, pools and gorges, which practically invite us for a swim, but the water is too cold for that even during summer-time.

The path by the gorges ends at the fourth bridge (including Devil's Bridge). We can return back or proceed towards the Voje valley. A marked path towards Voje starts to ascend and takes us away from the right bank of Mostnica. The path leads us to a dirt road and further on to a mountain hut at the lower part of the Voje valley. It is possible to come here by car also - but that is not our thing, right? We carry on from the hut on the road and soon we come amongst beautiful meadows surrounded by steep hills. Follow the main dirt road to the end of the valley, where we come to a lovely cafe, that serves simple local food and snacks. About 100 m behind it there is a nice Voje waterfall (also called Mostnica waterfall). From the waterfall return back and simply follow the left bank of Mostnica along a slighty lower gorge. Soon you will come to a small bridge, cross it and continue on the right bank. After a good kilometer we merge with the path of our ascent and head back to Stara Fužina on the same path.

Basic info:
Duration: only Mostnica gorge 1.30 h, whole trip 3.30 h
Length: 12 km
Total altitude difference: 250 m
Type of path: easy marked path