Basic information
soteska, slapovi
Entrance fee
450 m
Trip duration
2 h

How to get there:
Leave the motorway 'Ljubljana – Koper' on exit Vrhnika. Turn left at the traffic light and at the next one left again. Follow signposts for Borovnica, in Borovnica turn towards Brezovica and then the signposts for Pekel will greet you already. Park at the end of the road by the Pekel restaurant.

From the parking lot go past a wooden sculpture of a devil towards the gorge. The path is easy at first and leads past many whirls and pools now on one, now on the other side of the stream. The first (official) waterfall is 4 m high and perhaps you will not even take it 'seriously' amongst a bunch of other waterfalls. The path is appropriate for everyone up to here, but a lot of caution, appropriate footwear and even safety equipment might be neccessary ahead! The path is steep and dangerously slippery! The first higher waterfall is 'Drugi Slap' (16 m), which can be reached by crossing a small bridge and then returning back to the same path. On the same side of the gorge we ascend to 'Tretji Slap' (18 m) above which the path continues on extremely steep stairs. Behind them there are a few steel cables and the marked path splits in two. Take the left path (straight on). Cross the stream once more above interesting rock formations, and carry on to my personal favorite – 'Četrti Slap' (17 m). The path is less visible in some places, so watch closely and follow the markings. On the left side of the gorge you will come to 'Peti Slap' (20 m) - the last one. Here the gorge widens slightly and you can cross the stream underneath the waterfall. On the other side you will see signposts for 'Pokojišče' and you start going back again on this side of the gorge. Follow the marked path, keep right and descend to 'Hudičev Zob' (= Devil's tooth). The path is very steep, secured with stemples and steel cables. It is suitable only for more experienced hikers! In a while you will come to the same path and return past the lower waterfalls back to the starting point.

Basic info:
Duration: 2 h
Length: 4 km
Altitude difference: 260 m
Type of path: very demanding marked path