Basic information
Ruško Pohorje
slap, pragozd
Entrance fee
950 m
Trip duration
1.5 h

How to get there:
Starting point is a parking lot 'Šumik at Bajgot'. You can come there from several directions:
a) From Maribor: Maribor - Hoče - Areh ('Ruška Koča' hut). The road turns into a dirt road here. Descend gently on the main road towards west and do not turn left. Around 6 km after 'Ruška Koča' hut you will come to a plain where a parking lot is located. It is approximately 33 km from Maribor.
b) Go from Maribor towards Dravograd. In Selnica Ob Dravi turn left to Ruše, in Ruše turn to the right, cross Lobnica stream and turn left in the direction of Smolnik. The road begins to ascend. Follow the main road and after around 14 km (from Ruše) you will come to a crossroad where you turn left and you are at the parking lot already. It is about 32 kilometers from Maribor.
c) From Slovenska Bistrica: Slovenska Bistrica – ski slope Sv. Trije Kralji - 'Dom Na Osankarici' hut. From here go straight on to a 'T' crossroad where you turn left and you are at the parking lot already. It is approximately 27 km from Slovenska Bistrica.

Attention: parking lot is not very obvious, it is situated on a flat terrain and there are 'picnic' benches and tables below the road. Small red boards mark the direction of a foot path towards the waterfalls.

The area around Šumik waterfalls is a forest reserve. A part of this area is a 'virgin forest' – the only part of Pohorje where the original structure of trees has been preserved. These are mostly deciduous trees (trees that loose their leaves seasonally), which were cut down in other parts of Pohorje for the purpose of glass making, and spruce trees were planted afterwards. The forest is truly authentic. Giant rocks covered with moss, fallen trees and steep terrain provide a 'wild' feeling. Both waterfalls are just a cherry on the top!

Simply follow signposts and markings from the parking lot down the Lobnica stream. At first, the terrain is flat, cross Lobnica and continue on its right bank. The path is moist, the rocks slippery. Later the slope becomes steeper and there are stemples and even steel cables available for protection on same passages. Just before Great Šumik waterfall slightly exposed rocks have to be crossed and you must descend steeply to the waterfall. From there carry on by the stream downwards and cross interesting Vernsko Slapišče (small waterfalls). Be careful! The rocks are wet and there are steel cables to help you. A little further down cross Lobnica again over a footbridge and come to a marking for Mali (Small) Šumik. You can only hear the waterfall from here, but if you wish to see it too, go a bit further on the path and then turn right on a very very steep unmarked path downwards to the stream bed of Lobnica. Very carefully!

Return back to the starting point the same way.

Basic info:
During: 1.30 h
Length: 3 km
Altitude difference: 180 m
Type of path: very demanding marked path