Basic information
izvir, slap
Entrance fee
950 m
Trip duration
1 h

Starting point:
If you come from Vršič pass (or Kranjska Gora) towards Trenta (or Bovec), pay attention to the road branching off towards Zadnja Trenta (hairpin no. 49). Proceed on this road for about one more kilometer to 'Koča Pri Izviru Soče' mountain hut and park there.

A marked path starts ascending behind the mountain hut. Simply follow the markings, which will lead you to a viewpoint next to the 10-meter waterfall just below the source of Soča. So far the path has been easy, but further on it leads you to an exposed section which is nicely secured with steel cables (see pictures). This path is anything but easy! You cross the steep walls and reach the rock under which the surface of the small underground lake is shimmering.

If you come here in spring time when the snow on the summits between Mt. Jalovec and Mt. Mojstrovka is melting and fuels the Soča source, the sight will be rather wild. But in summer the water current allows you to take a close peek into the cave. Impressive towering walls surround you. Return down the same path.

P.S. There is a wonderful viewpoint close to the source of Soča river with a statue of dr. Julius Kugy – a legendary poet, writer, alpinist and a big fan of the Julian Alps. You can find it on the Vršič road – one hairpin above the split towards the Soča source

Basic info:
Duration: 1 h
Length: 1 km
Altitude difference: 100 m
Type of path: easy marked path (the path down to the riverbed is very demanding!)