Basic information
rudnik, muzej
Entrance fee
550 m
Trip duration
3 h

By bike? The biking tour through the underworld of Peca begins above Črna na Koroškem and leads us along abandoned mine tunnels to the neighbouring valley right next to Mežica. It is pitch black in the tunnel and the flashlights on your helmets are the only source of light. This is an incredible tour which lasts 2-3 hours in which you cycle for 5 kilometres, discover the history of this place and learn about geology and the difficult lives of miners. Renting the bikes, helmets and flashlights is included in the price. Just put on some warm clothes and bring along your gloves, too!

By kayak? Why not! The mining pumps stopped working in 1994 after the mine was closed, and the groundwater level rose and flooded the lowest-lying mine tunnels. The water is crystal-clear and kayaking through tunnels and bigger mine excavation sites is like a journey on magical underground lakes. You enter the mine on a train, then you descend 95m down a mining shaft and begin your kayaking adventure, which ends with a small rapid through a narrow tunnel. The whole trip lasts 4 hours, the max number of people is 8. All the equipment is available on site.

On foot? You can visit the Peca Mine in a less ‘adventurous’ way as well. You enter the mine on a train and continue on foot along the tourist trail, where you will learn the history of mining and experience how the miners worked and lived. Usually the tour lasts 2 hours, but for closed groups it can be prolonged. On request they can organize a ‘miner’s breakfast’ and various events, even concerts and team-building sessions in the tunnels.

For visiting the mine, you first have to stop at the Info centre point, which is situated at the end of Mežica (beside the main road from Mežica to Črna na Koroškem, on the right if you drive towards Črna). This is where your guides pick you up and take you on tour in the underground world of Peca. Here you can participate in fun and educational workshops as well. You will find out why are there dinosaurs in the courtyard, who is King Matjaž and why is he sleeping under Mt. Peca, you will discover how the blacksmiths forged mining tools and you can try to climb up the climbing wall in the form of a mineral. The neighbouring building hosts a museum, where you can find out about the daily lives of miners and see the collection of ore, minerals and fossils.

Tours are possible only by prior arrangement.

How to get there?
Mežica is situated in an 'off-the-beaten track' region in northern Slovenia, on the eastern end of Kamnik-Savinja Alps and very close to Austrain border. The whole area is rural, hilly and forested. The towns of Mežica and Črna na Koroškem are relatively small and are closely connected with their zinc and lead mines. There are several ways to come to Mežica. Please check this map and 'ask Google' for directions wherever you are coming from. :)

For more information click, write, call:
Address: Podzemlje Pece, Glancnik 8, 2392 Mezica, Slovenia
Phone: +386 2 8700180