Basic information
Kamnik (Kamniška Bistrica)
izvir, soteska, slap
Entrance fee
600 m
Trip duration
2.5 h

Starting point:
Simply follow the signposts for Kamniška Bistrica from Kamnik. The valley starts above Stahovica village near Kamnik and you should follow the asphalt road all the way to the end. There you will find a large parking lot and 'Dom v Kamniški Bistrici' mountain hut.

A wonderful view on the champions of Kamnik Alps opens at 'Dom v Kamniški Bistrici' hut, where you can, of course, satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. On the opposite side of the hut, you will find the captivating source of Kamniška Bistrica river. At first, you will only see a small artificial lake, but if you explore the area above it further, you will be pleasantly surprised. The water comes out into daylight from underneath many rocks, which are overgrown with moss. Spruce trees grow on larger boulders and the water creates tiny waterfalls and rapids. Discovering this mysterious Karst world is very pleasant. It is rather wild after heavy rain.

From 'Dom V Kamniški Bistrici' hut you can also walk to the incredible Predaselj (or Predoselj) gorge, which has been carved by Kamniška Bistrica river a bit lower downstream. How to get there? Cross the bridge by the parking lot and find a footpath on the other side, which turns to the right from the main road. Soon, you come to a bigger dirt road through a forest, turn right and you will already be on the next bridge over Kamniška Bistrica. After the bridge turn left, cross a meadow and follow the right riverbank through the forest. Eventually, towering walls start rising above the river, so be careful and watch your step! The path leads to another bridge, where a view opens down into a thirty-meter deep and extremely narrow Predaselj gorge. Cross the bridge and go down the left riverbank to a small wooden bridge standing on a wedged rock over the gorge. The dark walls and the roaring of the water are almost frightening. On the other side, you can descend all the way to the water, where Kamniška Bistrica leaves the gorge. This is the truly wild side of nature! Return to the bigger bridge and look for an unmarked path on its right side. It leads you back to 'Dom V Kamniški Bistrici' hut.

What about a trip to Orglice or Orličje waterfall? From the bigger bridge over the Predaselj gorge ascend to the main road, which is about 50 meters away. Turn right on the main road and after a few hundred meters, you will come to a bridge over Kamniška Bela river (this is a bridge with a stone 'fence' on the main road towards Kamniška Bistrica, about 2 km after the Velika Planina cable car station. If you come by car, you can park on a small parking lot a little bit behind the bridge – in the direction of 'Dom V Kamniški Bistrici' hut) A wide forest path branches off at the bridge, but there are no visible markings or signposts. Simply follow the forest path running along Kamniška Bela stream and in about half an hour, you will reach the only crossroad, where you turn left. Soon, the forest path turns into a footpath and you approach the stream. You will spot the majestic rocks and hear the roaring of the water. It is necessary to climb a little bit and jump over a few rocks to get just below the waterfall. Magnificent! Towering overhanging walls are all around you and there are a few smaller waterfalls and pretty pools under the 40-meter waterfall. Return to the parking lot the same way.

Basic info:
Visiting Predaselj gorge:

Duration: ca. 1 h (from 'Dom v Kamniški Bistrici' mountain hut)
Length: ca. 3 km
Altitude difference: ca. 50 m
Type of path: easy partially marked path (be careful at the gorge, especially with children!!!)

Visiting Orglice waterfall:
Duration: ca. 1.5 h (from the parking lot at the bridge over Kamniška Bela stream)
Length: ca. 5.5 km
Altitude difference: ca. 200 m
Type of path: easy partially marked path (just below the waterfall there are some steep and slippery rocks. Be careful!)