Basic information
Entrance fee
1000 m
Trip duration
2.5 h

Starting point:
If you are coming from Vršič pass (or Kranjska Gora) towards Trenta (or Bovec), pay close attention to a branch towards Zadnja Trenta (hairpin turn no. 49). Continue towards Zadnja Trenta on the asphalt road for about 1 km until the hut at the Source of Soča river. You can already park here or proceed on a dirt road for about 2 more kilometers and then park on a parking lot at the end of the road.

At the parking lot at the end of the road markings to 'Zapotoški slapovi' guide you into the riverbed of Suhi Potok. This is a wide gravel streambed where the water flows only when it rains very heavily. A marked path soon crosses the riverbed and continues on its left side (facing upwards); however, you can proceed along the riverbed or on the 'road' running along it. This road disappears a bit higher and then follow the markings or the occasional little stone-towers.

After about half an hour, you reach a spot where the riverbed widens into some kind of a scree slope. A marked path towards 'Planina Zapotok' and Bavški Grintavec turns to the right, but you simply carry straight on and follow the riverbed. Once you come into a forest, pay attention to the place where the riverbed turns slightly to the left. To see the first waterfall just follow the riverbed, but the unmarked footpath leading to the other waterfalls crosses the riverbed and continues through a forest on the right side of the stream (facing upwards). Go along the riverbed first and soon you find yourself in the rocky embrace of the first 15-meter waterfall, which falls into a small ice-cold turquoise water pool.

Return back along the riverbed to the before mentioned spot and find a narrow footpath on your left. This well-traced path rises through the forest and on the left you will soon see pretty little waterfalls and pools. The next bigger waterfall pours over a wall in two parts and is located slightly beneath the path, so it is best to go down to the riverbed a bit earlier.

If you follow the path the whole time, it will eventually lead to the riverbed itself. Towering walls appear in front of you and a thin stream - the highest waterfall in Zadnja Trenta - falls over them. The waterfall splits into several streams and falls deep down across the rugged wall. Apart from when it rains heavily, the waterfall does not have plenty of water and if you have the skills, it is possible to climb all the way up to its water pool. Follow the riverbed and you will come to a small waterfall. You can climb over it on its right side. The rocks are slippery, so a rope will come in handy for the less skilled people. Climb across the short wall and you will already be 'wedged' between the majestic walls across which the last Zapotok waterfall drizzles. A wonderful wilderness!

Go back the same way.

Basic information:
Duration: 2.5 h
Length: 8.5 km
Altitude difference: 150 m
Type of path: non demanding partially marked path (the path to the pool of the last waterfall is very demanding!)