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Logarska dolina
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maj - okt
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odlična domača hrana

Logarski kot is actually a fantastic mountain lodge. The rooms are pretty, clean and simple and the bathroom is shared. You can choose between five double rooms, a four-bed and a nine-bed room. There is a really lovely dining room with a fireplace downstairs. If you do not mind the shared bathroom and enjoy the company of other hikers and travelers in the evenings, than Logarski kot is an excellent choice for you.

Enticing smells of traditional local dishes spread from the Logarski kot kitchen. Cold cuts, goulash, game dishes, mushroom soup, 'žganci', cottage cheese 'štruklji' and desserts will surely bring a smile on your face. Considering the prices and quality of the food, choosing the half-board makes perfect sense. You will not be disappointed.

The lodge is located at an idyllic location in the upper section of Logar valley. Behind the house there is a playground for children, tables with benches and a phenomenal view on the summits of Savinja Alps. It is a great starting point for many hiking or cycling trips in the 'embrace' of towering mountains and incredible nature.

We warmly recommend it!

Contact details:
Address: Logarska dolina 15, 3335 Solčava, Slovenia
Website: or become friends on Facebook
Phone: +386 41 210 017 (Klemenšek Tatjana)