Basic information
Nr. of routes
4a / 7b
Route height
8 - 20 m
15 min
720 m

How to get there:
The climbing area is situated in the direct vicinity of Bovec. Take the church in Bovec as your orientation point and drive past it upwards to 'Kaninska Vas'. Then proceed onwards (for about 1.7 km) to a crossroad where you turn from the main road to the right onto a dirt road. After around 200 meters, leave this road and turn right again (a sharp turn). Continue on a narrow asphalt road winding up all the way to the end (about 1.8 km). Park at a wider section of the dirt road, 50 meters behind a water 'sink'. The parking lot is also a starting point for a hiking path to Mt. Rombon.

Follow a wider path from the parking lot. At first, it leads you across a wooden fence (close it behind you), then past houses and sheep stables. A gently ascending path branches off to the left soon and before long it leads you to another fence (close behind you!). Follow this path all the sloveniaway to the foot of the wall, where you can already see the routes in sectors B and C. You have to walk a little bit further on the well traced path to reach sectors D and E.

Best time for climbing:
Due to the good location, climbing is possible throughout the whole year. During summer the walls are in shade in the afternoon.

Orientation of the wall:
The climbing area faces south-east.

Warning: Park at the end of the asphalt road, in a wider section of the dirt road - located 50 meters behind the water 'sink'. The path leads past houses and sheep stables, so it is necessary to close the fences behind!

You will find mostly shorter and well equipped routes on a compact rock. The routes offer easy climbing that will be especially enjoyable for beginners.

Link to the sketch of the crag.

Y - Number of routes
X - Grades