Basic information
Nr. of routes
4b / 8c+
Route height
6 - 40 m
20 min
550 m

How to get there:
We leave the motorway 'Ljubljana – Maribor' on exit Žalec. On the first crossroad in the direction of Žalec we turn left towards Arja vas, continue through Petrovče and Kasaze all the way to Liboje and onwards past a quarry. After one kilometer we come to the parking lot 'A'. If we continue down the road, we come to the parking lot 'B' after 2,5 kilometers where the starting point for upper sectors (Trapez, Luska, Kolomon,…) is.

From the parking lot 'A' we cross a stream and turn right to an ascending footpath and then follow the white-red markings all the way to the climbing area. It takes 20 minutes to the sectors 'Pisani svet' and 'Dolina miru', 30 minutes to sector 'Kača'. Parking lot 'B' by the farm Tratnik proves to be a better starting point for other sectors. From there we reach sector 'Trapez' in 15 minutes and sectors 'Luska' and 'Kolomon' in 20 minutes.

sloveniaBest time for climbing:
Spring, summer and autumn are the best, although it is possible to climb even on warm winter days without wind. The summer heat does not bother us too much, since almost all sectors are hidden in the shade of the trees (with the exception of 'Trapez' and 'Oltar').

Orientation of the wall:
South, southeast. The majority of sectors are in a forest.

Because all access paths cross private terrain, it is necessary to strictly keep to these paths and follow the white-red markings and notice-boards!

Y - Number of routes
X - Grades

Link to the sketch of the crag

Sectors of Kotečnik crag:

Sektor: Dolina miru
This sector is less popular than the neighbouring 'Pisani svet' with splendid rock and great safety bolts. Vertical plates predominate.

Route height: up to 15 m
Sektor: Pisani svet
'Pisani svet' is ornated with beautiful and long routes in excellent limestone. Most of the easiest routes in the whole Kotečnik can be found in this sector. No wonder that it is so popular. This makes the rock worn out in some parts but it is not bothering yet. Climbing takes place mostly on plates, however some moves can also be found in the overhang.

Route height: 15 - 35 m
Sektor: Volk
The little »lonely rock« offers both overhangs and plates.

Route height: up to 15 m
Sektor: Kača
The largest (and for some – the most beautiful) sector in Kotečnik is an ideal spot for climbing in the summer heat, because it is surrounded with a dense forest. Routes with overhangs and steep plates demand endurance. Entrances of some routes are dusty.

Route height: 15 - 35 m
Sektor: Oboki
Already the name itself (= arches) tells us what type of climbing we are dealing with in this sector. Strongly overhanging walls recieve only the best climbers. The toughest routes of Kotečnik are concentrated here.

Route height: 15 - 25 m
Sektor: Oltar
A sector with difficult, however less overhanging routes in comparison to the neighbouring 'Oboki'. The wall still has potential for difficult routes.

Route height: 20 - 30 m
Sektor: Nos
A sector with an interesting rock-formation after which it was named (= nose). The rock offers overhangs and indentations. According to the grades the routes are accessible to a bit wider circle of climbers.

Route height: 15 - 25 m
Sektor: Maska
Distances between bolts are a bit larger than average. The rock is crumbling in certain places. The sector is located below the sector 'Nos'

Route height: 15 - 20 m
Sektor: Kolomon
Compact rock and a big span of difficulty-grades are the attributes that attract a larger number of climbers.

Route height: ca.15 m
Sektor: Luska
This sector is also named after a noticable feature, which charachterizes it. A big cracked “scale” with intriguing routes spreads across the wall.

Route height: ca. 15 m
Sektor: Trapez
A very nice sector, that offers climbing on vertical plates with accurate foot-work. The sector is very popular because of relatively short access and the fact that it gets a lot of sun even during winter.

Route height: ca. 20 m