Basic information
Dol pri Ljubljani
Nr. of routes
5a / 8a
Route height
7 - 27 m
5 min
490 m

How to get there:
We leave the road 'Ljubljana - Litija' at a roundabout in Dolsko village and head towards Vinje. After 200 meters turn right towards Križevska vas. After about 5 kilometers we arrive into the village where the asphalt road (at the church) turns sharply to the right, descends a bit and then rises again. We drive past the last houses in the village where the asphalt ends and after 150 meters (at the village name board) leave the car on a small parking lot (4-5 parking spaces).

From the parking lot we continue straight on the dirt road for 20 metres and then we spot a well traced path on our left, that takes us across a meadow and through the forest to the crag. A 5 minute walk from the car.

sloveniaBest time for climbing:
It is best to go in spring or autumn, during the summer the climbing area is in shade after 5 p.m. After heavy showers the wall dries up in 2-3 days.

Orientation of the wall:
South. A major part of the wall is in a forest, the central (more difficult) part is exposed to the sun.

In case of a full parking lot, we must park the cars by the church in village Križevska vas.

We can divide the climbing area into two parts. In the central part there are more difficult and slightly overhanging routes, that demand strength and stamina. In the left and right part the rock offers more handholds, but the routes are not trivial and thus demand good climbing technique.

Y - Number of routes
X - Grades